Ding Dong the witch is dead!

About freaking time!

Might as well start this one in the Pit, because that’s where it will end up. :smiley:

One down, 50 some-odd to go.

Which old witch? The Delay witch!

I’m surprised there’s no GD thread about it yet, but… well, the hell with the nuanced analysis. So long, DeLay. Sic semper dipshits.

So, you’re Pitting the fact that DeLay is leaving? I didn’t know you were such a fan…

Hey, where’s elucidator? I’ve got a jeroboam of champagne on ice just waiting for him to pop the cork. :smiley:

Tom’s gone where the goblins go,
Below - below - below.
Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and throw the bum out.
Ding Dong the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Prick is dead!

What’s truly bizarre about the guy is that despite the fact that he knows he’s likely to end ep going to jail for just a small proportion of the things he’s done, he’s gone done litterally claiming to be a persecuted saint. And all his defenders, of course, who cheered this declaration of his Christhood, will quietly slink away without any admission that all their outraged defenses of Delay and damning of his enemies now look pretty stupid.

It takes a special kind of crazy to do that.

From the linked article:

Balanced budgets? He’s trying to credit Tom DeLay with the couple of years back in the Clinton administration, well before DeLay was Majority Leader, when the budget was balanced?

As a registered Republican, I don’t like what Mr. DeLay has done, no more than I appreciate any other lawbreaking by an elected official. If I ever offered defense of the man, which I may have, it was to suggest that we await the determination of a Judge, or a jury of Mr. DeLay’s peers against charges brought in a court of law, no less than you or I are to be afforded under the Constitution.

I’d prefer Taint DeLay against the Democratic candidate as opposed to a less tainted less known Republican.

Yeah, I gotta say: as good as this is for Congress, from a partisan perspective it bodes ill for Democrats. I’m sure Texas Democrats could almost taste that seat (not that anyone wants to taste DeLay’s seat, but you know what I mean); with him gone, it’s going to be that much harder to regain control of Congress.

Still, all in all, it’s fantastic that he’s leaving.


I don’t know why you guys are so excited; he hasn’t been convicted of multiple counts, nor is his Congressional seat likely to swing Democrat, without him to vote out.

Maybe if he were to be perched on a box in Abu Ghraib, in a black Klan hood, with a police dog worrying on his nut sack, then I would say to that dog, “Stop it! … Let me get out my banjo!”

Until that day I will settle for his conviction on multiple counts with a stay in the Federal pokey until circa 2026. A few more Democratic seats in the House wouldn’t be so bad either.

Yesterday, if I recall correctly, one of his former aides turned States’ Evidence. Today, he retires. Coincidence?

Read the book.

I wish he would have stayed. It’s one less albatross around the Republican neck now. Now I have to hope for several well publicized convictions or indictments in late October. But at least there’s a pretty good chance for that.

Do you suppose a deal was made? Get out and we won’t pursue the charges, and/or reveal certain information.

Will his friends in congress still praise him if he is convicted of anything? It’s freakin disgusting and disheartening to see someone this dishonest continue to be praised.

I was just humming this song to myself last night & was going to post my updated lyrics today, but someone beat me to it.

Tom’s gone where the goblins go,
Back home, back home, back home
To spend more time with his family.
Oh, ding dong the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Old Witch is going home!

So maybe DeLay won’t be indicted on charges, but whoever fills his seat will not be Tom DeLay.

But her sister, the Wicked Witch of the West Wing, is still alive and she’s much more wicked.

He already won the GOP primary. Who replaces him in the election? The person who came in second or do they have a new election?

Oh fuck off you goofy neocon apologist. If I walk into a room and SEE WITH MY OWN FUCKING EYES a man rapeing a little boy, the Constitution affords him the protection of innocent until proven guilty. That doesn’t mean that I personally will consider him innocent. You fucking slackjawed apologist always screaming about witholding judgement untill convicted make me sick. Sure we shouldn’t put him in jail untill he is properly convicted, that doesn’t mean we must withold our personal judgement.

I certainly believe we should withold judgement until a trial. I just think that until then, he should be held in Guantanamo as an enemy combatant.

Heh heh heh :smiley: