U, V, 2xU

Is the order of “U, V, W” within the English Alphabet coincidental or is there a symbolic and phoenetic relationship betwixt the three? My assumption is that the “double-u” is a graphic representation of double “V” (“V” was the Roman representation of “U”.)- This is just speculation, however.

Does anyone know anything about this?

IIRC, some of the really old inscriptions (on Roman ruins and suchlike) use V’s where we would use U’s. So I would guess that U was originally a varient of V, and “double-U” was originally a varient of U.

“betwixt” indeed. you get 50 points for using that word in a sentence.

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Well, I was going to use “between the three”—somehow “between” didn’t seem appropriate for anything beyond a pairing, which led me to “betwixt”…dunno if that makes sense or not. If I win a candy bar for that logic …make it a TWIX (Make it Caramel…the PB TWIX is an aberration!).

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I believe that in German, the W is actually named the ‘double-v’ which I always felt made more sense.