Ube Macapuno

So I was down at one of the Asian grocery shops in town today- I was looking for things to throw in halhalo, the filipino dessert/food of the gods. One of the jars I bought was this:


The others stuff I bought I’m more familiar with, like nata de coco, those palm nut things, red beans, etc. but can I throw this in halohalo or is it meant for use on bread? I thought I saw places serve halohalo with this stuff in it, but thinking back, it was ube ice cream. Ice cream. Not this stuff. So-

If it can’t be used for halohalo, what do I do with this stuff? Or can it be used in hh? My Google-Fu totally failed me.

Any Filipino dopers out there? Or anyone just in the know?

Thanks in advance,



I Googled and found a bunch of cake recipes, which makes some sense given the coconut.