UEFA Championship: Should I Support Man City Or Chelsea?

American soccer fan here. Apparently there’s a game of some importance today :wink:

Based on my research, it appears that Man City has won twice, Chelsea never. So I’m leaning towards supporting Chelsea. However, I don’t know anything about the two teams. Is there anything about either of them that could sway me the other way? Perhaps one plays dirty? Perhaps one has fans that throw empty beer bottles at the human shields – excuse me, I mean children – who accompany the players onto the field?

Chelsea have won it once, Man City never.

Well I bungled that paragraph, didn’t I?

Southampton fan here. I think I’ve read that Chelsea fans got a bad rep in the increasingly distant era of hooliganism but these days most top flight fans are better behaved as a group. And as for squads, there is no one on either club that I perceive to be particularly dirty or unlikeable. Instead, both have an ample number of players who are at the top of their profession and a pleasure for a neutral to watch. Pulisic, Mount, Foden and especially De Bruyne come immediately to mind but there are a host of others who are really good.

In a game like this, I’m able to enjoy it without a rooting interest. But I’ve been told that’s not normal. Generally, though, it’s more interesting when both teams aren’t from the same federation.

I wouldn’t be upset with any result, as there are so many deserving great players (and managers) on both squads. That said, I’d love to see Chelsea win, especially if Pulisic plays an important role or scores. Also, the always under-rated N’Golo Kante would deservingly get the only major trophy missing from his mantel.

Man City will be seeking revenge, as Chelsea ruined their chances for the rare continental treble. City is far more talented, so I predict a 2-1 victory for the “noisy neighbors”.

ETA: To the OP: Pulisic is the best American soccer player ever, so that might be a reason for you to support Chelsea. Plus, they are heavy underdogs.

Chelsea it is. On a larger and more-important note, I hope Pulisic represents the future of American soccer. We may yet get our Jules Rimet Trophy in my lifetime (I figure I have 30-40 years left).

It is a though call between Russian money (damned oligarchs) against Gulf money (damned sheikhs), so as a Barça fan I’ll go with Guardiola. Both teams have fantastic players, both managers are brilliant, both clubs are deeply unlikeable, but that is just my opinion. At least Real Madrid did not make it to the final this year, so let’s hope we see a good match today and that next year my club will be in the final again and wins it. Until then, yeah, rather City, without much enthusiasm.

I’ll drink one of the beers tonight to your optimism. I guess I have 10-20 years less left than you believe you have and I would not think I will see that in my lifetime. But football is a game of surprises, so, who knows? Good luck!

I don’t see that happening, but hope I’m wrong. At least we’re starting to see more and more young Americans in the top European leagues.

City plays a more attractive brand of football and I like Pep. However, if Pulisic can be hero, I’d prefer that. The money thing is a wash.

On the topic of WC: 2026 is in the US and players that will be pretty close to their primes at that time are playing at: Manchester City, Barcelona, Wolfsburg, Hoffenheim/Bayern Munich, Juventus, RB Leipzig, Dortmund, Lille, Chelsea. If that group develops along an optimistic trajectory they’d still be pretty far in the dark horse territory, but it wouldn’t be completely out of the question. As for further down the road, it remains to be seen how much this current crop is a fluke.

Maybe you were thinking of Man U instead of City?

Asteroid strikes.

I now realize I presumptuously awarded the Euro 2020 to France.

But counter-attacking Chelsea takes a 1-0 lead to the 2nd half. Should be a cracker of a 2nd half.

Hmm, now I’m wondering about players that have won: domestic league, domestic cup, CL, confederation championship, and world cup.

Basically all of Spain’s 2010 team, but who else? Zidane and probably a couple others from the 1998 and 2000 France teams.

ETA Zidane actually never won a domestic cup. Huh.

Pulisic on.

If you count the European Cup as predecessor to the CL, then some of Bayern’s WC champions of 1974 and Euro winners of 1972. Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller and Sepp Maier come to mind.

I would count that, good call.

The 1992 + 2002 Brazil squads are other likely candidates, but it looks like a lot of them never won the domestic cups. Of the guys I checked, only Rivaldo has all 5. Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Lucio, and Cafu are all missing 1.

I was a Chelsea fan until we got our own team in Philadelphia. I even rooted against them when MLS All-Stars beat Chelsea in the All-Star game though I took my photo next to a replica of their UEFA Cup. Chelsea is the right side.

I completely forgot to mention earlier that both these clubs have pretty loathsome ownership.

But that aside, Chelski played a tight, smart game yesterday and the passing sequence that led to the goal was wonderful. Ben Chilwell, who had a slick little dumpoff in the middle of said sequence, gave former Leicester teammate Riyad Mahrez hardly a dangerous touch all game.

Oof, Kevin DeBruyne broke his nose and orbital bone in that collision with Rudiger yesterday. That not only hurt City’s comeback efforts but also damages Belgium’s chances in the Euro two weeks from now.

I was thinking that immediately when I saw it. Is it certain that he’ll be out for the Euros? I felt like Belgium should be the #2 favorite behind France, but this would be a huge loss for them.