UFOs You've Seen

I don’t mean this to be a debate on whether UFOs are alien craft, top secret military craft, or other, that’s Great Debates stuff; rather, just a list of unkown flying things people have seen, whether it’s mundane or incredible.

I’ve seen about three in my life, and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on recognizing things in the sky.

The one I’ll mention is the first one I saw, about 7 1/2 years ago. I was driving through a neighborhood on a cloudy night, and through the windshield I saw a green light fly by. It appeared as about half the size of a full moon, no definite shape (it appeared to be behind the clouds), though I only saw it about 1/4 of a second.

I can conjecture a few things it may have been:

  1. Alien or military craft, of course.
  2. Some form of ball lightning (I’ve never seen ball lightning, so I wouldn’t recognize it, and it was storming).
  3. It was about the same color as the lights on my car stereo, so it may have been a reflection (don’t know why the reflection would move, though, since I, the windshield, and the stereo were all motionless with respect to each other).
  4. A meteor–probably the most likely, but since it seemed to be behind the clouds, it was hard to tell.

OK, so mine was perhaps a little mundane; what things have y’all seen?

BTW, 2 should read it was NOT storming, so I don’t think 2 would be the case.

Once I saw this big silvery round thing, and it was really bright, and it even looked like it had a face on it!

It took 12 hours to move across the sky :slight_smile:

Gee, this one is easy.
How many people have ever looked up in the sky, seen something, and not known exectly what it was? I would say, everybody not struck by blindness!

U.F.O.-Unidentified Flying Object.

“Hey Bob, what’s that up there?”
“I don’t know.”
“Damn, we better call Art Bell!” :slight_smile:

Once, I was almost fooled.

I was 12, & living in Waukesha Wisconsin. Middle 1970’s. It was snowing like hell (no suprise in Wis.) & we were waiting outside for the school bus. Suddenly, I saw a large, round, silvery thing come drifting over the top of the hill. It made no sound & seemed to change shape as it drifted through the sky. We all thought it was a UFO.

Just over that hill was the Waukesha County Airport. The strong winter winds & near blizzard conditions wre reason enough to launch a weather balloon. They sent up a second one after the first got stuck in a tree. We watched them from inside the bus as it drove past the airport.

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I too have seen a bright green meteor (well, I assume). This was in Dallas. It streaked across the sky, and the whole thing was over in less than half a second. But it was certainly bright enough that you didn’t have to be looking for it to see it.

This was more than 7 years ago though, more like 12. Both of my parents saw it as well.

I once saw what looked like an illuminated disk hovering in the sky while I was driving late one night. I wasn’t the only one, several people had pulled off the road to watch it. It was blue on the top and the bottom, and there was a yellow band around the outer edge which appeared to have windows or portholes along it.

Being a skeptic, I really wanted to know what it was. I continued driving toward it and finally I was close enough and it had turned to a different angle. It was a “Blockbuster” blimp. From a distance the letters in “Blockbuster” had looked like a row of windows. I was mildly disappointed, but at the same time a little smug.

It was an “unidentified flying object” to me, but only for about 5 to 10 minutes.

I once looked up in broad daylight and saw what looked like a wingless, glass, silent flying object flying high in the sky.

However, I knew what it was, even though it didn’t look like what it was.

It was silent because I was in a car. It was wingless because of the angle it was on. It was ‘glass’ just because of the illusion the sunlight glinting off it created.

It was an aeroplane. :slight_smile:

(sorry, I mean airplane)

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Sorry, never seen anything.

I watched some video footage on a TV program ‘the best UFO’s ever filmed’. It didn’t impress me. One woman said ‘Can’t you see the aliens looking out of the portholes?!’ (The ‘UFO’ was literally a speck in the sky)

There’s no evidence that the Loch Ness Monster exists and the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t have any special record of ship/ plane disappearence either…