I saw a UFO today

Yep. At about 5:00 today I was sitting in the park, writing in my notebook, when I happened to glance up. At first I thought it was a plane. But it seemed much smaller and was flying pretty low.

And it was oval shaped. And it was glowing.

I have no idea what it was. It was moving pretty fast in a straight line. Eventually it disappeared behind the trees on the horizon.

I’m sure there’s some prosaic explanation, but I am baffled. I don’t usually see strange stuff like this. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Where are you located?

City, suburban or rural?

Any nearby airports?

Any nearby universities?

Any other witnesses?

Was it daytime, night, twilight, dusk, dawn?

Any nearby military bases?

puts on his sunglasses

Takes a silver thing out of his pocket


It was swamp gas reflecting off a weather balloon. Move along, nothing to see here…

[eerie Twilight Zone music]
They’re going to come back get youuuuu…

Central NY


One very small airport

One State University

Just me

Daytime. Sun goes down around 6:00. I didn’t notice the position of the sun at the time. That could account for the glow.

No military bases… that I know of…

Damn it, I thought my Space Deep Ones had their cloaking device fixed. Stupid incompentant help . . .

They were just taking the alien life form known as “Kurt Warner” back to his homeworld, now that his mission has been completed.

:eek: Central NY? I’m there too, though I wasn’t looking outside at the time you describe. Gets out tinfoil hat, just in case

Sounds like an airplane to me.

Smaller because it was farther away than you thought.

All the other parts of your description sound rather airplane-ish.

The reason I think it was not an airplane is that it was low enough that I could see detail on it. It was definately oval-shaped, no wings. There appeared to be another raised oval shape in the center of it.

The more I think about it, the more it seems like some sort of balloon. It’s just that it was moving so fast and deliberately.

Maybe it really was swamp gas reflecting off a weather balloon.

Was there any wind that could explain the motion of a balloon?

If it was glowing, the balloon hypothesis is unlikely anyway, as balloons generally do not glow.

Could it have been an AWAX banking? You would be seeing it from the side in a bank, and the AWAX thingy is oval shaped…
That said, I saw one when I was 6. It was on my birthday, June 24. I was lying in the grass, just watching the trees and soforth. I so a flash, and noticed a bright silverish thing wayyy high (it seemed) it was like a plane without the wings. It had a contrail. I was 6 in 1952. Jets were very rare. Mylar wasn’t invented.
Don’t know what it could have been, but thank Og, they didn’t kidnap me. :slight_smile:

Airports can and do release weather balloons. So do Universities.

I mistook a weather balloon for a UFO back in the 70’s, & I was pretty skeptical, then. Even more so now.

I saw an Unidentified Flying Object when I was younger. It was a white oval orb with green, blue, and red flashing lights on the edges of it.

Other than oval shape glowing what details were you seeing?
It can be very difficult to judge the speed of an airborne object. How fast would you say it was going?

Did it look like any of these? Note one is an glowing, oval shape.

It’s Greg Brady with a curtian, flute-thingie and a flashlight.

Just be thankful you weren’t abducted. Or not.

Just read a relevant portion of Sagan’s Demon-Haunted World last night.

Regarding high altitude balloons, he says the can seem saucer shaped when seen from the ground.
If you misestimate how far away they are, you can imagine that they are going absurdly fast.
Occasionally they abruptly change direction in response to gusts of wind, unlike aircraft.

Chapter 5, page 83.

Not saying this is THE answer, just a possibility.