do they exsist? do people really get abducted?

There are unidentified flying objects. And on occasion, people get abducted.

Read Carl Sagan’s The Demon Haunted World and the threads about sleep paralysis.

I’m sure you can guess my answers: no and no.

Do you really exist?

Are their objects that appear to be flying and cannot be identified by the observer? Sure. Does that qualify them as a probe by a race of technilogically advanced superhumans from planet X? Not by a longshot. I don’t know what a weather balloon looks like. Consequently, if I saw one, it would be ‘unidentified’. It would still be a weather balloon, though.

Are people abducted? All the time. Didn’t Yo Mamma tell you about taking candy from strangers? Most (all) of the abductors aren’t three-feet tall, green skinned, big eyed aliens, though. People who claim that that are what their abductors look like are usually either lying (hoaxes, kids making up an excuse for being gone for a few days, people longing for their 15 minutes) or mistaken ( hallucination, illness, or mental issue. If someone is abducted and doesn’t know by who, the brain will gladly fill in the blanks).

Saw one once. Didn’t get abducted, didn’t get probed, no little slimy persons, grey, green, or otherwise. Am I crazy? Maybe, but no more than you and the other guy. Was I hallucinating? Possible, I suppose, but I have actually hallucinated, so I know the difference.

Balloon? Dont travel against the wind. Airplane? A round silent airplane? A really BIG round silent airplane.? Took about two minutes to travel almost directly overhead, got plenty of time to give it a real good look, and you can bet yer sweet ass I did.

So believe what you want. I can only tell you: I saw it.

Dunno, Cap’n. I can’t comment on your specific case. I didn’t see the thing. A general question was asked, a general answer was provided. I agree: you saw something. The question is whether or not it is an alien spacecraft or not. Since there is no way to tell, I would have to label it as ‘unidentified’.

Yes, UFOs exist. It has not yet been proven as to whether they are actually ET in origin. If anyone is interested, here’s a link to a summary of the COMETA report from France.


If they are in fact ET in origin as the non-conclusive evidence might seem to suggest, then we might want to begin to plan for them. The French seems to agree that planning is needed.

How did you know it was a really BIG object, and not merely a small object much closer to you?

No. The COMETA organization within France seems to agree that planning is needed. Last I heard, the COMETA report was not anywhere near being the official position of the French government, or “believed” in by the majority of the French people.

Yes, there are people on COMETA who are (or were) French government officials (former president of CNES, a few Air Force generals, etc.). But the COMETA was not sponsored by, and is not affiliated with, the French government. Saying “The French seem to agree” based on this report is like saying “The Americans seem to agree” based on certain pro-UFO organizations that have NASA astronauts in them.

The direction of winds aloft wind is frequently different, even 180° from the direction of winds on the ground, giving the impression that a balloon can travel against the wind. If it was big and round, it was probably a ballon.

By the fact that it moved in more or less a straight line at a uniform speed, which, in the atmosphere, is behavior limited to powered objects. Hence, if it were small, it is almost certain I would hear its engines. By rough guesstimation, if it were two hundred feet up, it was about fifty feet in diameter, if it were much higher, it was much bigger.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, my testimony is no more than a statement of experience, anecdotal evidence and nothing more. Further than this, respondent sayeth not.

I respect how you aren’t making an argument from ignorance. It annoys me when people say “I saw something weird, no prosaic cause seems to explain it, therefore it must be from another planet.”

Well, yeah. That, and the fact that the flashing lights spelled out “D nk C ca C la” which is, of course, no Earthly language.

A long while back I saw a show on TV that was talking about UFO’s and what was interesting is that UFO’s seem to have always been ‘in existence’ in that even hundreds of years ago people claimed to have seen UFO’s albeit they probably called it something else. Also the appearance of 'UFO’s changed with technology. They showed an old document that had a picture of what looked like a boat and a big hot air balloon with wings which was basically beyond but reflective of the technology of that time.

Now of course we see and imagine UFO’s a round metal disks. Which is definately beyond our technology right now but the mechanical parts of it is (IMO) reflective of our technology…

So my conclusion is that UFOs in the stereotypical ET way that humans see them don’t exist and it is probably more or less a subconciouss thing.
bleh, i’m new and…not very smart, so pardon my lame post if it’s full of logical fallacies

My two cents on the Christian point of view:

You wrote that whole article yourself? Kewl!

You must not have watched many moving clouds, then. Near the ground, winds gust and vary in speed all the time, but higher aloft, the winds tend to be more uniform. In fact, gusty or turbulent winds at higher altitudes are the exception rather than the rule. An unpowered object (e.g. a balloon) that caught a strong-but-steady wind at altitude could certainly use it to move in a straight line at a uniform groundspeed.

Well, yeah, sure. Theres all these huge ballons floating around, all over the place. Why, hardly a day goes by, you dont see some big goddam balloon. How many have you seen, in the last 10 years or so? 50? 20? 3?


Sotry time.

When I was seven I saw a UFO. I later rationalized that it was Santa Claus.