Ugh, do I REALLY have to schedule ANOTHER colonoscopy?

I JUST had one like three years ago. The procedure itself was fine – best nap ever – and it was fun losing 11 pounds at Weight Watchers that week, but the prep was nothing I ever want to go through again. Can’t I just keep forgetting to schedule it until either I or the doctor die?

Do Cologard test kit. Ask your doctor.

How about ColoGuard? Pooping into a small container seems like a fun challenge.

Bonus: you get to wonder what postal workers think about the test kits going thru the sorting machines.

This sums it up from my perspective.

If the doctor recommended another colonoscopy after 3 years, it’s because your first one revealed higher than usual risk (you probably had several benign polyps). So I don’t think you’re a good candidate for Cologard, but of course, ask your doctor.

My wife and I are on a 5 year schedule. The prep is much, much easier. I take the day off of work to take my wife and visa versa.

And then any restaurant of your choice. It’s not fun, but not too bad.

Heh, my doctor didn’t die, he retired. But yes, your idea is an option.

If you’re diabetic the prep can be very scary. But the drinky stuff is less horrible than it was.

My friend just had his first “age-scheduled” colonoscopy at 45. They found cancer. He just had a colectomy.

I lost another friend at 35 to colon cancer, some years ago.

Stop grousing and do it!

Imagine the workers at the ColoGuard lab who have to open those packages and process the contents! Talk about a shitty job.

I have been putting off making my appointment as well. Just called and left a message for them for an appointment. Thanks for the kick in the a$$.

Worker A- “Joe, look!”

Worker B- “No shit!”

Every day is like… what’s the opposite of Christmas morning?

I went the Cologuard route in 2020 when I turned 50 which was clear, but some gut pain and a family history had my doctor send me for a colonoscopy in early ‘21.

They took out a single benign polyp, but that’s enough that I’ll have to go back in ‘26 for a redo. If that one comes back clean I’m allowed to go back to Cologuard.

Cologuard and other Fecal Immunochemical Tests (FIT) aren’t perfect. Cologuard has about a 92% detection rate and a 13% false positive rate. As an aside, I believe you’re in Canada (@FinsToTheLeft) but apparently not in Ontario – Ontario uses a more basic FIT without DNA markers that has a lower detection rate. Either way, a colonoscopy is always the best option but it is, if I may coin a phrase, a pain in the ass. :wink:

You are correct, it was FIT vs Cologuard and I am in Ontario. Apparently having to put a stick in your own poop blocks some things from your memory. Interestingly enough, I found this study:

It shows that FIT has better outcomes at a 10 year cost about 15% of what Cologuard costs, which I think also says a lot about the Canadian vs. US systems.

Wow, thanks, interesting study. I had been under the impression that basic FIT was an inferior test, but apparently Ontario is doing it right!

I’m gonna ruin the pity-party here.
Because, really, folks-- it ain’t so bad.
I seem to be the only person in the world who doesn’t bitch about doing a colonoscopy.
It ain’t fun. But seriously…it’s not difficult.

And it gives you a two day vacation from real life.

You drink a small glass of water with some powder in it, and the process starts. Then you drink a lot of water for a day, and , yeah, you stay real close to the bathroom.
But it is not painful…you don’t feel cramps, or stomach pain.

I simply set aside a whole day for myself and the toilet.
I warn the family that one bathroom is set aside for me , and nobody else. Then I veg out, like a zombie. I watch some TV, read the Dope, browse short youtube clips, just mindless stuff to pass the time, interrupted every 20 minute by a run to the bathroom. I take no phone calls, I don’t think for even one minute about work, or about bank accounts, or family stuff, or anything that demands using my brain responsibly.

It’s one full day of “me” time…

Then they drive me to the clinic, I lay down on a table, and what seems like 30 seconds later I wake up in a different room, never knowing that they actually rammed a mile of tube up my ass.

Then I get driven home, and …eat!
And since I haven’t eaten for two days, I allow myself to stuff my face with sugar and sweet stuff. So I get to enjoy acting like a kid with his Halloween candy.
What’s so bad about that? :slight_smile:

@chappachula I don’t want to argue with you TOO much, because of course everyone should do it as needed, not focus on how horrible it is. But your characterization is too rosy, in my experience. First, just drinking all that liquid is really difficult. I have a small stomach and even one full glass of water at a time makes me feel uncomfortably bloated. Forcing myself to suck down all that liquid in a short period of time makes me feel pretty sick.

Plus, what’s that about “you don’t feel cramps”? I sure have. (I’ve had two colonoscopies.)

I’m going to agree. I did the “drink a gallon of antifreeze, twice” version. But i used a long plastic straw shoved way down my mouth, so i barely tasted the stuff. And i camped out in the bathroom with a good book, my laptop, and my phone. For reasons, i did it without sedation, so i drove myself to the clinic, chatted with the doctor as he examined my colon, got a fascinating view of parts you don’t usually see, and then i cleaned up and drove home. (They use a lot of lube. I wanted to clean up.)

Also… There are several different versions of prep on the market. If you had a bad experience with one, talk to the doctor who is doing the procedure about it, and see if maybe there’s another that would work better for you.