Ugly Betty- a general appreciation thread (open spoilers)

I just finished watching Season 1 on DVD (I didn’t watch it first-run) and in my best Justin voice “I. Love. This. Show.” Being neither Hispanic nor from Queens I’d still move in with the Suarez’s in a heartbeat as they’re probably my favorite family on television. I think every gay guy who watches this show will love the inclusion of Justin as the pre-teen pre-gay “swishy” (their word) kid- I wasn’t that nellie and I sure as hell knew nothing about fashion at his age, but when I heard show-tunes (Annie and West Side Story specifically) blasting from his bedroom, ah, such memories… And the way his family accepts him— ferklempt.

Marc is the cutest gay-guy-you-love-to-like-and-hate (infinitely better than Jack or anyone else on Will & Grace. Having B’way diva Patty Lupone as his homophobic mother was absolutely inspired, and I loved that episode (especially the ending). I love his bitch battles with Vanessa Williams, and his deleted line on the revelation his real surnames is Weiner: “A gay kid named Weiner? Please! Even I wanted to beat me up.”

Constance as the unbalanced immigration worker (from my own ‘more-or-less hometown’ of Montgomery in real life) is such a gifted comedienne that she steals scenes she’s not even in (the ones where her character calls- just imagining how she’s acting is funny) but at the same time she plays the pathos of the character (this tragically lonely and barely-hanging-on woman) so well that you’re not only glad Ignacio did what he did but I hope they bring her back on the show in some capacity.

About the only parts of the show I don’t care for are the Dynasty plotlines (even with the name Alexis) and the Meades in general (except of course for Judith Light, who’s great).

What’s your take on this show? Any favorite characters or quotes or moments?

I love the whole show, and I thought the end, with Justin singing “There’s a Place For Us” and his mom breaking down when she hears of her fiancee’s death, was particurlay poignant. I’m straight, but I love the way his family unconditionally accepts Justin, teaching his dad to do the same. I love 'Nacio. What a great dad.

Were there many extras on the DVD? I saw all the eps, but I might rent the DVDs if they have behind-the-scenes/deleted scenes.


At first I couldn’t get into this show. I DVR’d all the episodes then went back and watched them and I was hooked.

I can’t pick a character I like more than the others, but I have a certain soft spot for Hilda. I grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood in NJ, and she reminds me of a lot of girls there.

They do manage to pack all of life’s big topics into one show. Homosexuality, transgendered people, alcoholism, and murder to name a few. I have to say being addicted to sex is a first for me on a tv show.

Am I making sense? Heh, I feel like I’m rambling. Anyway, great show!

Allison on Melrose Place dated a sex addict for a while who she met in AA. IIRC she knocked him off the wagon.

Ditto to everything said in praise of the show. I’m very much looking forward to season 2.

One of the things I like best about Ugly Betty is that I like all the characters. There’s never a scene shift where I think oh damn, get off of her and back to him.

Betty is the nicest, kindest, most engaging human being who’s ever been on my TV and I love watching her grow.

Ditto- she’s actually one of my rare hetero-crushes.

I hope in the coming season they’ll bring Constance (the immigration worker) back, show Justin interact with Mode some more, and not spend too much time on the Mexican plot-line with Ignacio (unless it involves Rita Moreno dancing).

Oh yeah, more Justin, but I’d like to see Justin with a friend too. Do you think he has friends his own age?

I’m sad that his dad is gone – the guy was coming around as an almost-decent person. Plus, he and Hilda were hot together.

I worry about 'Nacio’s heart condition.

More Christine too, and the receptionist with the eyebrows – I’ve forgotten her name.

That stupid redheaded slut who took Betty’s boyfriend better not be really pregnant! If she is, I’ll bet she was pregnant when she came to the city. Bitch.

Amanda! She might be my favorite character out of a great cast. I love her line delivery and facial expressions.

Might be a good TV role for Sanjaya. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are the heart of the show, though; a nod to its telenovela origins. Without them, we’d never get to see the Constance/Mrs, Meade throwdown, or anything at all with the amazing Vanessa Williams. And as an actress, Rebecca Romijn deserves some kind of “Best Sport of the Year” award.

At a recent family funeral, my cousin’s maneater wife dressed their nine-year-old daughter in ridiculous stiletto heels. My sister’s comment: “That looks like something the models on Ugly Betty would wear!” Life follows art.