Uh. . help with another obscure obit? Actor James Gavin?

There was an actor James Gavin who was in practically every TV series at one time or another. Always bit parts, usually only one scene, but had a solid track record and you would never recogize him.

IMDB is listing him as having died this past month, but another real researcher (obviously not I) thinks he was one James Joseph Gavin, whose vital dates are 1909-1979.

It’s worth noting that this is definitely not talking about helicopter pilot James W. Gavin, who died in 2005. For decades, if you were doing a tv program or movie that required a helicopter, he was your man–but not the one in question.

Anyway. . .

I haven’t been able to find any obit for “James Gavin” from last month to see if it mentioned an acting career. Without any further corroborating info, I’d lean toward the documented James Joseph Gavin, since he would have been about ten years older. However, the actor looked old even when he was just middle-aged, so that’s not for sure, either.