Entertainers that, for the longest, you had no idea they were deceased

Hearing “Some Like It Hot” on the radio yesterday gave me the itch to scroll through allmusic.com today to peruse the Power Station’s entry. It was weird to find out that Robert Palmer and noted drummer Tony Thompson both passed away in 2003, and that uber-producer Bernard Edwards passed on in 1996.

I don’t know … news of their respective passings failed to make it onto my radar. I’m sure there had to be a Cafe Society thread about Palmer’s passing … not sure about Thompson. Edwards’s death would have been pre-SDMB, obviously.

Does this ever happen to anyone else? You just kind of stumble upon news of an appreciated entertainer’s death, and you just wonder to yourself how you missed that memo.

For me it was Zero Mostel. I found out several months after it happened and was stunned. No actor I’d ever seen brought more life to his work in films. It didn’t seem possible that someone that alive could ever die.

I think when Mel Brooks eventually passes, I’ll feel the same way.

Hmmm … actually, a search on “Robert Palmer” didn’t turn up an obit thread here. Many references, just no obit. Strange. Many lesser known entertainers, photographers, etc, have obits here in Cafe Society.

Not a complaint, just something I noticed.

That’s peculiar, I seem to remember being on the boards the day it was announced, and I remember there being a lot of obits for Palmer AND a Pit thread about the volume of said obits.

As for me, I have the opposite problem. People die, and I have no idea that they were still alive.

Robert Palmer died? Jesus! I had no idea! :frowning:

In 2003…wasn’t that during Our Winter of Missed Content?

There was an entertainer who quite recently I discovered had been dead for several years, but for the life of me I can’t think of who it was…in any case, when it comes to musicians, I can generally remember who’s dead and who isn’t, though in cases like Robert Palmer and Layne Staley I sometimes forget. Actors, on the other hand, I can never keep track of who’s alive and who’s dead.

Oh yeah…Falco! He died in 1998 (got hit by a bus) but I only learned about it a couple years ago.

One day I was driving home from my brothers and for some reason, I had a thought, “I wonder what ever happened to character actor Jack Weston?”

His obit was in the paper the next day.

Fortunately, this seems to be an isolated incident.

I only found out a month ago that Charles Bronson has been dead for two years.

I was searching among posts woth 10 or more replies. I think that’s what knocked all those Palmer obits out of my search.

I was telling a friend of mine about that VH1 movie they made about the PMRC and Tipper gore thing. I said "The guy they got to play Frank Zappa did a great job. He asked “Why didn’t they get Zappa?” and I said “Well his acting would have suffered a bit seeing he’s been dead for about 6 years”.

One recent Saturday at a Heroclix game, our judge, Steve, mentioned that he knew character actor Dana Elcar and had gone to school with his daughter. That evening I looked Elcar up on IMDB and discovered that he had passed away the previous Monday.