Robert Palmer -- Dead or Alive?

Is musician Robert Palmer dead or alive? I remember reading a couple of years ago in one of those year-end magazine issues (I think it was Entertainment Weekly) that he had died that year, but I’ve not been able to find any more information about it. Am I just hallucinating, or has he actually gone to that great-big-video-with-pouting-carbon-copy-models in the sky?


He’s alive. Saw him on Leno just a few weeks back.

There was a rock critic named Robert Palmer, and if I remember correctly (which I may not), he died a couple of years back. So it was probably his obit you saw.

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

Yeah, Writer and record producer Robert Palmer died two years ago this month.(He’d much rather it be the musician) An extraordinary soul. I had the pleasure of working with him. Bob, we still miss ya…

Oh! That makes so much sense now…the article was largely just one of those laundry lists of departed celebrities, and since I’m not very well-informed about the music scene, I never realized there was another Robert Palmer around. Of course, I’m sorry to hear the writer/producer’s died. Thanks for the responses.


Robert Palmer - alive
Robert Palmer’s career - missing, whereabouts unknown
Women from his video - Searching for more videos that require no musical talent they can call their own. Puff Daddy is said to be interested.

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