Uh, Oh, Hypoallergenic Kitties MAY Be a Fraud!

Apparently, nobody’s seen the kitties!

Lots more in the article, like how they don’t disclose the location of the company and that some of the tests they’ve done to prove the hypoallergenic nature of the cats fail to meet scientific rigor.

So you’re saying the Brodie Perpetual Motion machine I paid good money for might not actually work?


Weren’t they supposed to be shipping (so to speak) these cats already? I seem to recall they were taking pre-orders (or at least pre-registrations) for them such that the waiting list had grown to something like two years.

Not that there isn’t every chance that this is just more smoke and mirrors, of course.

Ah yes, here is one such article regarding pre-purchases and waiting lists, which also launches into the dubious nature of Simon Brodie, Allerca, and his mysterious hypokitties. Apparently they now claim there’s only a one-year wait in the OP-linked article.\

Probably the most telling portion of the article is that this is not the first time he’s tried the “allergen-free cats” thing:

Either he might have had something the first time around with Geneticas and simply couldn’t perfect and deliver, hoping he’ll get it right this time under Allerca, or he’s just pulling the same scam under a different name.

I bet they work wonders if you happen to be allergic to money