Uhh.. My radio.. Uhh.. Huh?

My radio does… Funny things.

It tends to turn on by itself. I’m not going to go into that, though.

The sound tends to get staticky all of the sudden, but it’s alleviated by me putting my hand on the radio.


Don’t tell me it’s a coincedence. I’ve owned this clock radio for four years, and this is a daily occurence. If I take my hand off quickly, it snaps back to poor sound quality again.

The human body makes a decent antenna.

Sounds like it’s using you as an antenna, Gadfly. Parts of you must oscillate at the right frequency.

Or, since it appears to be able to turn itself on…it’s possessed.

Take your pick.

Hmm… a clock radio… turns on by itself on a regular daily basis. Damn… that’s a stumper!

I mean… When the alarm isn’t set.

The antenna theory kinda works. Kinda.

Turns itslef on . Defnitely posessed.
It’s definitely posessed.

Wadda you mean “kinda?” It’s not a theory at all.

Possibly some deffective components, cold soldered joints, etc. etc.

I have a tuner amplifier that has a bad rely or push button selector switch with bad contacts. When used a a tuner it has to be slapped or jarred to get sound to the speakers. Cant get to contacts as the assembly is soldered in place.

When all else fails, including questions to SDMB, read the instruction book.
Is “Music On” set?

Unfortunately, Gadfly, your clock radio’s Buy A New Radio circuit has kicked in. It’s kaput. Fried. Useless. An ex-radio.

To clear up the reception, try re-orienting the cord, if the plug isn’t polarized you might try to reverse it in the wall outlet.

As friedo said, it’s not a theory at all. It’s a very common and well-known effect.

Oh yeah? Then how come I can’t hear music when I open my mouth? Huh? Can’t explain that one, now can ya?

Ya got no transistors ya big silly!

Plus, you’re not Gilligan.

Leave my sisters outta this!