Do you own a clock radio?

Today I was chatting with a couple of couples in their 20s, and they mentioned their home computer devices and their cellphones. I realized they used them for what I’ve always used clock radios for. Sure enough, when I asked, both couples said they did not have clock radios.

Do you? I’ve got 4 set up.

I have four set up in our house but only my wife uses it as intended. Nowadays I’m much more likely to use my iPad as an alarm.

I have two next to my bed. One I use for the radio, the other for the alarm. Yes, they both have alarms and radios, but I like one radio better, and the other alarm better.

I tried using my smartphone as an alarm clock, but it just isn’t loud enough. I sleep really soundly.

ETA: It wouldn’t surprise me if few people under 30 used them, though.

I have one, but it’s in my old apartment, which I’m still cleaning out, and hasn’t been plugged in for about three months now. Before that, I used it as a clock when I remember to put it forward or back with the seasonal time change, or reset it after a power failure. A lot of the time these past few years it just blinked 12:00.

I think I’m going to re-home it.

Nope, haven’t had one in at least ten years. I rarely need an alarm and my phone works just as well. I can hear almost any radio station in the world and it can wake me up should I need an alarm.

Mr.Wrekker has one, circa: sometime in the 70s. It makes a noise when the hours change. He is real anal about it, so I don’t touch it. Sometimes the Siamese stare at it for a long time.They think it’s possessed.

Still own? Yes, somewhere. Still use? No.

Yep. I like to be able to wake up and see the time without exposing any other body parts to the cold bedroom. I still set the alarm, too, although I’m usually up well before it goes off.

Of course I do. Folks who depend on their phone for an alarm? So, you roll over grab your phone, unlock it and stare at the screen? What a huge step backwards in convenience.

I have a clock radio. I use it only for an alarm clock. My parents gave it to me when I went to college. That was 19 years ago. It still works as an alarm clock, so I have no real reason to replace it. No interest in using my cell phone as an alarm clock. Like silenus, I do like being able to see time at night. If I did replace, it would be for one with a built-in-don’t-have-find-the-switch light or one that did daylight saving time without me having to.

I don’t have to unlock my iPhone to turn off my alarm. When it goes off there is an”off” button and a “snooze” button.

To the OP, nope. Haven owned one in years. Even in hotels, I don’t use them.

I regret that my apartment building won’t allow me a rooster, even if I call it a support animal.

No, and it’s been at least 15 years since I owned one. My vision is so bad that I can’t see the numbers anyway, so flipping my phone over and bringing it to my face to see what time it is isn’t a big deal.

I’ve got one and it wakes me for work. It’s on the chest of drawers across the room so both spousal unit and I can see it from bed. Plus I have to get out of bed to turn it off, so no accidental oversleeping.

I have never seen a smart phone alarm that plays a radio station when it goes off. I want to hear news and weather when I wake up, and I don’t want to have to fiddle with a screen to get it.
I’ll take old tech over new first thing in the morning.

There are many:

Not only do I own one, it’s been the same one since 1977. It’s the oldest continually running item in our house, used everyday since then.

My college roommate back then had a flip digit clock but it was quite loud when the numbers were flipping. My radio was the first affordable red LED clock radio I had seen. I bought it at Radio Shack for something like $30.

I use both the alarm, which is a very loud buzzing klaxon, and the radio, but not together as clock radios were originally designed. For example, you were supposed to be able to listen to the radio for say 60 minutes as you fell asleep, but a flaw in the circuitry advanced the clock by one minute if you used that feature.

Today the radio still works but if I bump one of the slider or volume switches it buzzes. I only listen to the local AM station for the news and weather before I get out of bed, but I’m more likely to use my phone as the alarm clock, since the only way to set the old clock radio was to advance the time by going forward. If you accidentally overshoot by a minute or two you get to see all 24 hours again. DST adjustments are a pain in the butt, as are any power outages.

Yep - I have one I use on the end table next to my bed. It is convenient for that specific task of illuminated-easily-glanced-at-alarm-clock-next-to-my-bed. I generally won’t tolerate a phone in my bedroom unless I am specifically expecting an important call early or late.

On the other hand I’ve never used it as a radio, it just sorta came with one.

No, because I hate clock radios - I find a random burst of song that probably isn’t coming in well to be an unpleasant way to wake up. I don’t use my phone, though: I have two alarm clocks in my room, but they’re both the kind that go Beep!Beep!Beep! until you shut them off.

I have a clock radio, but I only use it as an alarm clock, not as a radio.