UK/Aussie Dopers: Need Help Finding Spices

The ex-Mrs Blather brought me back a Moroccan spice blend from a trip to the UK a few years ago. They were really good and I want to get more, but I threw out the container. It was aluminium and shaped like a hocky puck. She bought it in Fortnum and Mason or Harrods. I think the company that made it was Australian. I know this is vague, but I’d appreciate any help.

If it is Aussie and you can find it - we now have a wonderful lot of supermarket outback spices too, as well as non-Aussie spices. If you’re interested, I will post it to you - just pm your postal address if you’re comfortable with doing so and I’m more than happy to help out :slight_smile:

It wasn’t “Raz El Hanout” was it?

Probably from here. Click on “International herb & spice blends” for a picture of the tins