UK census... is it illegal to lie on the form

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Basically, what would happen if “a friend of mine” lies on those government forms ?

I believe that motivation for lying is irrelevant to the question.
So is it illegal and if yes what are the consequences ?

Is there any difference between UK and US in this respect ?

Since census data is confidential, it’s hard to see how you could be prosecuted for not telling the truth on your census form.

It’s amazingly hard to track down the answer to this question, but I finally found it on the official website (bolding mine):

Read more here.

Yeah, the fine is £1000, I think.

Not that they’d ever know you’d lied - if they knew the information already they wouldn’t need a census to gather it

they do have this info in their numerous databases just a bit of data mining or simple comparison would highlight the discrepancies .

well deserved sarcasm,somehow I missed it on their site :smack:

It’s on the front page of the paper form, too.

Actually I wasn’t being sarcastic! I found loads of references to it being illegal not to fill the thing out, but really struggled to find the bit about lying on the form. Really!

Thanks ** SanVito**
Looks like I’m getting paranoid :o

I’m always a bit nervous when posting on this board
having witnessed more than once
people being eaten alive for posting stupid or unsubstantiated posts.
So I try to be very careful but it doesn’t always work :slight_smile:

btw I haven’t received the paper form yet

Having said that it’s not illegal to put something unusual down as an answer to the religion question - no one was prosecuted in 2001 seeJedi census phenomenon.

Here in New Zealand 1.5% of responders to the 2001 census listed themselves as adherents to the Jedi religion. BUt this number dropped away the next time around (2006).

The religion question is the only optional one on the form, so you can answer it, or not, any way you like.