(UK) Classic album covers issued as stamps

Story link. Nice idea but it looks like a pretty random choice.

God knows who owns the rights to Beatles covers.

I dunno about random - they are all pretty distinctive covers. The only one I didn’t recognise right away was the Coldplay one. I wonder why they chose The Division Bell rather than Dark Side of the Moon.

You can make custom US postage stamps using your own image. Is there anything to stop you from using a picture of any album you want?

I think the Royal Mail keep a pretty tight (actually, make that total) control over what’s issued on the stamps - there’s a bunch of rules about use/positioning of the Queen’s head, for one thing, and there certainly used to be rules about not showing a living person except for the Queen (not sure that still applies, however).

Probably falls under “fair use” - if you’re just using them for your own mail, you wouldn’t be making any money from them. Stamps.com tends to be pretty leery of printing even potentially copyrighted images, though, IME.

That’s Paul Simonon on the cover of London Calling and he’s still alive so the rule must have been relaxed.

Bit of a random choice, agreed. The Division Bell? No idea why anyone would choose to commemorate this album on a stamp at all. I guess it’s too obvious just to pick ten bona fide classics so they’ve bowled a few googlies in there.

It all depends on who was willing to grant the rights.

The Royal Mail issued a series of Beatles stampsin 2007.

FWIW, the covers of ‘With the Beatles,’ ‘Help!’ ‘Revolver,’ ‘Sgt. Pepper,’ ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘Let It Be’ were featured on a set of British stamps from 2007.

Also Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust cover and the Stones in figurine form on Let It Bleed. But only the Bowie cover actually shows a living face, and reduced to postage stamp size it’s little more than a dot. So I think they did consciously avoid covers that feature a recognizable person.

Weren’t there some Beatles stamps a few years ago? :wink:

Maybe they need to do a Duran Duran Rio stamp.

I’m just glad to know that the cake from ‘Let It Bleed’ was baked by Delia Smith.