UK Dopers, help me with a postcode/address problem

I’m trying to send a package to England, but the address I was given isn’t complete. I have:

John Doe
University of Oxford
Christ Church College
Christ Church 1
United Kingdom

I know UK postcodes are 6 characters, so I need another 2 numbers and a letter (or is it 2 letters and a number?) after the 1DP. I’ve tried using the Royal Mail’s online postcode finder and had no luck, so I’m wondering if the street address is complete. Any help?

Here’s their website:

From there, the postcode is OX1 1DP and you should add Oxford, Oxfordshire to the address you have, but the prospectus just says the address is

Christ Church
Oxford OX1 1DP

to which you should add United Kingdom as you’re abroad.

Thanks Quartz!

I had looked at the website you linked, but couldn’t find the address. Must be getting blind in my age.

One other point - it’s not “Christ Church College”, just “Christ Church”.

Don’t feel too bad about it; the only place that I could find a reference to the mailing address was in the Prospectus, a PDF file linked to in the “Message from the Dean” page. They’ve recently totally revamped their Web site, and I think they’re still getting their act together.

However, I can confirm that:
John Doe
Christ Church
Oxford OX1 1DP
United Kingdom

is the correct address, since it used to be my own address (except for the John Doe part). One summer, a friend sent me postcards during her trip around Europe, with the address just as:
Antonius Block
Christ Church

and I received them all with no delay. The postcode and country are highly recommended, of course!

As Tevildo points out, it’s never referred to as “Christ Church College”, partly because although it is one of the colleges that make up Oxford University, the same body is also Oxford’s cathedral. Thus, the Dean of the cathedral is also the head honcho of the college; at other colleges at Oxford or Cambridge, he would be called the Master or the President. His position should not be confused with that of a Dean at university or college in the US.

[Alice Liddell , whose friendship with Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) led to “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”, was the daughter of a Dean of Christ Church, and lived in the Deanery.]

“University of Oxford” doesn’t appear in the mailing address because the town largely grew up around the University, so there’s no university campus as such and it wouldn’t help the mailman. The colleges are fiercely independent, so it might be considered a (very) mildly insult to have the University appear as part of the address.

Just thinking - what’s the official name of The Hice? I seem to recall it’s something like “The Collegiate Church of Christ”, but I may be wrong.

My old college is officially “St Mary’s”, but nobody calls it that. :slight_smile: