UK Dopers: University in London and other opinions about Uni life

I’m going to see a Uni on the 20th March and its called London Metropolitan and I was wondering, since some Dopers here are from London have actually ever seen it, have studied there and etc, I just wanted to know what you thought in your own opinon what it was like?

Oh and is living away from home a good idea, or is it better to go to a local Uni and stay living at home?

Oh and any tips and secrets to living the good life at Uni would be much appreciated :smiley:

Which campus are you going to see? I currently attend the London North campus and am probably better placed than anyone else here to answer questions about it.

Calcutta house, and yeah probably North Campus is where I’ll be staying.

No beating around the bush - studying in London will cost you money. Lots of it. I went the other way, I’m from the south and I studied in Manchester. The rule of thumb which always works for me is whatever it costs in Manc. (be it rent, a bus pass or a loaf of bread), it’ll cost double in London.

But not wanting to put a downer on it - I’ve never come across somebody who regrets studying in London.

whats night life like? I heard Leeds was good, but how about London, it is the capital after all.

Well then:

Academically it can be very good and is rated excellent in a number of, mostly humanities, subjects.

The area - Holloway is, to be frank, a pit.But offers easy access to central London and is within reach of most of what you could want from the city.

Social Life - While Holloway isn’t big on nightclubs or indeed anything much the University’s Rocket Complex offers events comedy nights etc. Though hated by paulberserker Camden Town (just a short bus ride away) offers a lively, though tourist-packed, nightlife.

Can’t think of anything else. Feel free to ask if you wanted to know something specific. What will you be studying?

I will be studying for HND in management and then onwards to a degree, all in all it will take four years.