UK Mayor who praised Boris Johnson getting sick has been fired

Basically right after Boris Johnson went down with the virus after shaking hands of patients, this Labour Party leader praised it. Saying how bad a PM he was and he deserved it.LINK

Well now it seems she has apologized but only after being fired from her position. Now I dont understand this totally but it looks like her party expelled her.

Any Dope members from the UK have a comment on this?

Here’s a story from the Guardian.

If I’m reading it right, she’s the mayor of a small town and that makes her a member of the larger local council. She sat on the council as a Labour member.

After her comments, the local Labour Party withdrew the whip, meaning she’s no longer a mêmber of the Labour group on the council. She is still mayor and still a member of council, just has been disowned by the local Labour Party.

Even though Urbanredneck got the key detail wrong, this is definitely a story with international import and I’m really glad he brought it up.

Holy shit! The mayor of Heanor, population 17,000, got fired??!?

Well, didn’t get fired, but got kicked out of her party? That truly is world-shattering news. Thanks for the update!

I don’t care who disagrees with me but that wasn’t a very nice thing to say!

Come at me.

The point is: Ha-HA!

Yes, deserving of a hearty “Harrumph”, at the very least.

I loathe Mr. Boris but I still don’t want him to die. I am hoping he would learn something from the result of his stupid arrogance instead. Hope springs eternal.

Sounds like you need a roll of TP, based on how you are spewing.:smiley:

Ha! Yes, I’ll pick up a roll for $25 on eBay immediately.

People just shouldn’t say things like that. It’s unnecessary because everyone is already thinking it.

Thoughts AND prayers.

Like 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination, everyone will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they got the news: Sheila Oakes doesn’t like Boris Johnson. And she said a very, very mean thing about him. Our innocence and faith forever shattered on this, the darkest of days.

I was wondering what the average Brit thought of Johnson’s case. Hopefully that was an outlier.

She is basically just a parish councillor, the lowest grade of political office in England. There are about 80,000 of them. Frankly, it would have been much more remarkable if there had been no stupid comments at all on Facebook or Twitter from at least one of them.

I doubt even one person in a thousand in the UK has so much as heard of Heanor.

According to the link, she did get fired. From her job, not from being the mayor.

I don’t follow British politics very closely, but if he was shaking the hands of covid-19 patients, then he pretty much does deserve it.

And he was doing that because he was a Covid denier. I wonder if he still is?
“It’s just a [del]flesh wound[/del] cold!”

He can’t explain it, but for a few weeks now he has had The Monkees “I’m A Believer” stuck in his head.

…Then I touched his hand, now I’m a carrier.
Was just a trace, of germs left behind.
I’m in bed, in intensive care.
I couldn’t leave here if I tried…