UK military historian needed, apply within

I am looking for the proper paint code (or color) for my 1952 triumph trw motorcycle that I am restoring as an RAF dispatch bike (there are too many MOD green ones).


A little history, I bought this bike in boxes and have traced it back to it’s beginning as a white helmet’s bike (catterick, 1953) but it’s my understanding that the white helmet’s bike’s did not have lights and there is no such thing as a “daytime only MOT” in texas so I decided to restore it as an RAF dispatch bike, I have been in contact with the RAF museum (hendon) and they had full specifications (except the exact paint color), any help will be appreciated (i have nightmares about painting it the wrong color and finding that out at a bike show).


I’ve just telephoned Beverly Military Transport Museum and got right through to their restoration workshop.

According to them, you will not get a specific paint code for a military machine prior to 1960, and they were painted in standard bronze green, same colour as the Land Rovers.

You could try e-mail owners of these sites

This site has a good picture and seems to confirm this

Ask them, someone will know.

Try as I might I have not been able to come up with anything in RAF livery.
I would be interested to see what you can find out through e-mail

Here is a possible source