UK Popstars TV show - how?

‘Popstars’ TV show currently running on ITV.

Does anyone know how the chronology of this works?

Puzzle: Last Saturday was the ‘grand unveiling’ of the chosen 5.

If this event was quite recent, say a few days before transmission, then how come the group are said to have been in Norway for x months already, working on the debut album which will be released in March? And how come bubbly blonde Susannah’s hair, which has been short throughout the series, was long when she appeared in the press conference on Monday?

OK, so suppose the TV show has been showing us events that are several weeks\months old. In that case, how on earth did they keep the names of the 5 a secret until last Saturday? There are hundreds of people involved in this show who must have known the decision, and there has been fairly serious media interest. Secrets of soap opera plots get leaked to the media on a regular basis, despite the best efforts of the producers. Likewise, the ‘Millionnaire’ people couldn’t keep the news of their first million winner out of the papers before the relevant episode had been aired, even though it was only 24 hours between taping and broadcast.

So how did the ‘Popstars’ people manage to keep their secret a secret?

I think “UK Popstars TV show - why on earth?” would have been a better question.

I don’t know the answer, Ian, but I think there are a couple of things to consider.

From what I heard or saw (somewhere), the Sunday tabloids were all over this story and were ‘outing’ the winners prior to transmission so ITV brought forward the original finale. I have no idea if that fits with the chronology or makes any sense…………….

Other thing is that the songs were written and completely taped - they just needed the winners sing-overs to finish the ‘album’. I imagine they could do that in two, maybe three, long days in Nil Point Norway.

Got to admire the people behind this: There’s going to be a shed load of money made from all manner of angles.