Didn't we Learn our Lesson from "Making the Band"?

Say it ain’t so!
[Say it ain’t so!

No, not the fact that NBC is trying to trick people into watching that dog, “Cursed” by changing its name. Go way down to the last item.

The WB network (that channel that shows “Buffy”) has developed a show called “Popstars”. I quote: The show will chronicle the “real-life” creation of an all-girl pop-group.


If anyone recalls, Disney attempted this around last year with something called “Making the Band”. And they proceeded to created the worst vocal group to gain a major-record deal. I know that SterlingN critizising bad singers is like George W. Bush critizising the American educational system, but they can’t sing. Being able to carry a tune (or at least to be able to find a note) should be a prerequisite before you admitted to a [url=“http://www.otownworld.com”]singing group](http://www.stylelive.com/wp-dyn/articles/A57867-2000Dec11.html). At least that was required in my intermediate school before you were allowed to join Begining Chorus. The sad thing is that I know many people who actually have musical talent who will end up working at Ruby-Tuesdays or squander their lives becoming sucessful businesspeople or Nobel Prize winning scientists while these hacks get the fame and fortune they don’t deserve.

OK, maybe I’m not approaching this in the correct frame of mind. Excluding the possibility of having past lives, I have never been a teenage girl. I assume they are more forgiving on matters reguarding talent, as long you are cute and can con Hollywood producers to shill for you.
And there is the slight possibility the girls may actually have talent. However should recent history be any indicator, I’m prepared to euthanise myself by taking in lethal doses of “The Weber Show”.
And hope I don’t get incarnated as teenage girl.

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bet they can’t hold a candle to fingerbang

These bands are to music what paint by numbers kits are to art.


Popstars has been on in Australia. IIRC it originated in New Zealand. The vocal group that came out of the Australian show are pretty fair singers and dancers, attractive, and crap. They have had a couple of minor hits here. I believe the NZ version sank without trace. The TV shows were very popular.