UKians, any fans of Coast?

I’ve only started watching this recently. It’s really interesting. It takes a different part of the British coast per episode and has sections on local historical events, the geology, the scenery and the people. I think it is really well put together and a credit to its creators.

Yes, I catch it if I notice it in the schedules. Only problem I have is sometimes that Scottish guy gets all over-enthusiastically dewy-eyed, when I’d rather a more BBC4 approach :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve watched it and quite enjoyed it but its been repeated a little too often now.
Paxo slagged it off.

I really enjoyed it, and still enjoy the short cut-up segments they use as schedule filler. I don’t usually bother watching complete episodes again, though.

One thing that perplexed me was that it took until the 3rd series (iirc) to even mention the coast between the Firth of Forth and the English border - yet it’s crammed with interesting stuff they could have covered! I don’t recall any other substantial length of coast that got such short shrift (in series 1 at least). Some of the Irish Sea coast of England maybe…

Didn’t they gradually work their way around clockwise?

Have they done any of the coast of NI or the Republic? I’ve only seen a smattering of episodes.

Yes, I saw a bit of one in the massive modern salt mine somewhere up there.

Edit: ‘up there’ meaning NI, as it’s BBC I suspect they’ll act like beyond the border is an uncharted mystery, rather like with their weather forecasts.

Why on earth should anyone in the Republic of Ireland expect the BBC to provide weather forecasts?

I dunno, it doesn’t bother me. However, I get the channel so presumably the BBC gets some money out of the arrangement of having viewers in the south. Also, it’s right there, just there! :slight_smile:

They do often mention the weather in Ireland in the domestic forecasts, and the map symbols cover other areas such as Belgium, the Netherlands and even Norway.

Who said weather stops at political boundaries? What the forecast is in Dublin is useful for many Brits, not least because of the number who travel back and forth each day, and avoiding giving this useful information on a map which is on the screen is pandering to ultra-sensitive types.

On the domestic ones? Maybe a front ‘sweeping across Ireland’, in the way it might do across the North Sea. I suppose it might also depend, to an extent, on which forecaster has put the map together (how many domestic forecasts show the low countries??)

I do wonder how come you still get it - digital as well as analogue? The latter was always cheekily, but legally, rebroadcast by receiving it cross-border.

It’s standard on all the cable, satellite and MMDS services. We get the NI flavour of BBC1 by default, but on Sky all the regional variations are available if you look for them.

BTW, straightforward rebroadcasting (“signal deflecting”) is illegal in the Rebublic, but I know of at least one area where there’s still a deflector system up and running, rebroadcasting an analogue signal of all the UK terrestrial channels. It’s quietly ignored by TPTB.

My mistake, is illegal but tolerated because the Brits started it. :wink: (Seriously, perhaps my ‘it was legal’ misunderstanding pretty much came from it being accepted as the norm.)

Well, yest they did, but one episode finished at the Forth Rail Bridge and the next began at Berwick… They have done some stuff on it since in a later series, but it seemed odd to miss it out such a long stretch of coastline from the first one.
Just me being a bit parochial.

The first series squeezed NI into an episode that also covered SE Scotland, didn’t it?
And I’m sure some of the Republic, at least, has been covered. One topic from there was about harvesting seaweed to package and sell as a foodstuff , I think. I remember going to a ‘slow food’ fair and trying some not long after the programme aired…