Ukrainian Info war. Maidan, The truth behind the February 20 massacre

Hey guys
I’ve got some video information you may wanna look. This one will clarify some things about the 20th february Ukraine massacre. Most of the mass media tells us that this was the fault of the government, but it’s not.
And this video will prove it.

Maidan The truth behind the February 20 massacre Part 1

Most of the mass media do not show the whole picture of the events as they should.

Seems that some people in Ukraine used that lie and faulty information to fool the people and to destroy the legitimate government. The US and the EU politicians used Nazis to accomplish their own interests against Russia. And now those terrorists kill innocent civilians that are denying the new government. Most of mass media claim that all this thing is Russia fault, they keep telling everyone that Ukraine territory is invaded by the russian troops. But they forget to mention that there is a special contract between Russia and Ukraine that states that russian military bases could be situated on the territory of the Crimea island. It’s absolutely legal.

I’m just tired of all that lie, I just want people to know the truth.
Please show this video to your friends, don’t let the Nazis destroy the Ukraine.
The original video had more than 2 000 000 views, it was translated to show you what was really happened.

Is there a debate here?

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Artemi, the only thing I’m really interested in is: what is your connection to the propaganda video you want us to watch? Are you going to seriously claim that you just happened to stumble accross it while you were looking for Justin Bieber videos on Youtube?

Godwinized in the OP too. I suppose it saves time that way.

The Russian soldiers are not restricting themselves to the bases that they have access to.

Why is it that books, headlines, and thread titles that claim “the truth behind…” are rarely the truth?

Beat me to it. This makes at least 3 posters/threads that I’m aware of started by posters who just happened to join this month to share [del]the truth[/del] propoganda of what “really” happened in the Ukraine with us.

It’s kind of flattering that Russia thinks our little old message board is influential enough to require the deployment of propaganda agents…

Well, that’s just mean. Any Nazis still around must be in their nineties by now. They should be allowed to retire not forced to overthrow governments.

No cheap dates around here. If you want to take us to a movie, you gotta buy us dinner first.

Amazing how the same post with the same wording would show up on another internet board at about the same time. I mean, what are the odds of that!? Monkeys are going to type Hamlet before we know it.

The weirdest thing about it is that the other board is aPokemon board. :smiley:

Funnier still, the OP is not taken any more seriously there either.

Why don’t they plant their seeds in more fertile ground, like The Daily Paul or something. Perhaps they feel like that would be preaching to the choir.

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Artemi, we welcome your contributions as a member of the SDMB. But to participate you must participate. There’s little room here for drive-by postings and those who attempt to post things all across the web. We respect original ideas that are well defended.

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