Ultimate challenge for dopers: Does anyone know where I can find pocket RSV Bibles?

Just the little pocket new testament, I’ve looked for ages and have yet to come up with a place that sells the Original RSV pocket New Testaments, not the NRSV though, it’s a perversion of the original. If anyone can find me a real link to a place where I can order several of them, I will send the first person who does $6.00 via paypal (yes I’m that desperate:) )

I found a pocket KJV New Testament, will that do?

Sorry:( KJV is fairly easy to find, as that is the one that gideon prints and is available at most bookstores, only the RSV(revised standard version) and not the NRSV or any others am I seeking out. Thanks anyways though

Got a PDA? Here ya go.

I’d suggest that you begin haunting used book stores and book sales.

I could not find one at Amazon or B & N (where I assumed you had already looked). However, neither could I find one at Zondervan or Thomas Nelson nor by a simple Google search. It would seem that they may no longer be printed.

google is your friend.



Dangit, you got me all excited sparticus:), Again I am looking only for the Revised Standard Version, you pointed me to the New Revised Standard Version, which is heavily wanting as it uses various inclusive language

Thanks for the try though, and I’m bumping the ante to 10 big ones sent directly to a paypal account of your choice if you can find a site that sells pocket RSV New Testaments


Chinese & English Bilingual New Testament - Union & Revised Standard Version

Even if this is what your looking for, while it is small, I don’t know if it’s quite pocket sized

Try this page, they have some used rsv new testaments for sale:

This seems to be a New Testament, but I can’t find any version information for it.

Ingatius Press has a paperback RSV, but it doesn’t specify that it’s a pocket version.
I’m still doing some poking around, and I came up with one possible, but it says it’s out of print and has no used versions available.

Thanks Joey P, I did see that one earlier, but the Chinese makes it undesirable plus it is hardback and not really pocket sized

Puddlegum, that is the most progress yet, They did not have any pocket ones out of the list you sent me and most were Hard Back, but Hopfully this method of searching will bear fruit.

The prize is still in the air, also just to clear things up, it needs to be a place that sells multiple ones to get the ten bucks, although anyplace that is selling just one would still be greatly appreciated:)

Thanks Lsura, that does not seem like a RSV though, but does sound interesting. I wrote Ignatius and they do have a RSV, but it is a whole big Bible, They said they are going to put out a pocket edition sometime next year, but I can’t wait that long!!

BTW, I do know that they are out there as I have one from 1971, I just need a couple more as gifts to some Franciscan friends of mone


This one is 5x8, so still a little bigger than pocket size, but it’s as close as I’ve come to a small size.

Thanks for the good effort Lsura, one last bump

It seems that no one prints pocket RSV Bibles anymore. If you want multiple copies, why not print them yourself? They are out of copyright, aren’t they? Just how many copies do you need?

I need about 20, Is that possible, to print them myself? It’s probaly copyrghted

Would it be churlish of me to ask why you want this specific edition of the New Testament? Most references made in the modern era are to chapters and verse in the King James. Are you a scholar?

Try ebay?