Ok, I know I have made myself look terrably stupid by asking an already answered question(for those of you who read it). BUT!! Heres the other half to one of my questions. What IF the rock fell all the way through the hole in the center of the earth and made it to the other side (supposing the other side is land based). Would it fall back down or…what. I dunno. Im just trying to picture it and my mind wont paint it. And for those of you few people that called me a newbie…You are right. Dont feel bad for sayin it.

Blitzzen, you are showing an enormous amount of disrespect for your fellow members when you ask questions like this.

You should spend some serious time in the archives of Cecil’s columns and of this forum before opening another topic.

Ignore him Blitzzen.

You have asked a genuine question that has not been answered ANYWHERE in the archives (unlike your last one).

So ignore what manhattan had to say and I hope your question gets a serious answer, not another flame.

Ignore manhattan?? Surely you jest.

Blitzzen has already been told in that last thread that his (first) question has been dealt with before. I can understand why manny gets mad when he opens yet another thread devoted to the matter.

Besides, any answer to THIS sub-question would be purely hypothetical anyway. Not exactly GQ stuff.

MadHatter, are you lying, stupid or did you not check the column? I mean, it’s got to be one of those three, right?

From What if you fell into a tube through the earth?: “You’d come to a complete stop just at the brink of the Antarctic end of the tube, where you’d have an opportunity to wave gaily to the bunny rabbits or whatever they have out there before beginning to fall back in the opposite direciton.”