Ultra-Orthodox Jews of New York spreading covid and other problems (ed. title)

Before anyone objects that this sounds anti-Semitic, let me just say that I have known many Reform Jews and they were literally all delightful people, every single one. But these ultra-orthodox/Hasids seem to be racist, misogynist, and now rioting against masks? FFS :unamused:

And as I understand it, over in Israel they are not required to work for a living or join the military, but they are happy to be the spearfront of the settler movement and thereby gin up military oppression of Palestinians. Just an awful, poisonous ideology all around.

This ought to go well.

Y;know, there is a much larger anti-mask group you may want to target first.
Just sayin’.

To be honest, I wouldn’t know without looking farther into it. However, it seems like if they aren’t required to work, those who do not work of their own free will (which who would, if it’s a choice) may not be contributing good things to the economy. Not that they never do any good thing, just that it may be true that they don’t take action to make big, bold statements that improve the society rather than tear it down. However, there are always people like this, and whether they are ultra-orthodox Jews or not probably doesn’t make a difference. For instance, rioters can certainly be seen as not contributing positively to society. They create and/or enhance the atmosphere of chaos and fear by making people feel unsafe. It’s true that what they are rioting for is a good thing, but riots are the least effective way to get a point across. There are so many other ways to say things and make a statement, but riots are not that.

They can fuck off with every other ignorant, racist, misogynist, science denier.

Hey, two outta three ain’t bad. If what you say is true, you should get along just fine with them.

Oh, no. This small group of Jews is by far the greatest threat to health and safety in America right now. Way bigger than that fascist in the White House.

I think we can make judgements about them as a group based on their actions and beliefs without turning them into an existential threat to American society.

I tend to believe that people don’t just randomly pick one particular subsection of society to criticize, among all the other people doing basically the same thing.

Well, the OP does have a history of interest in Jewish culture as whole. So I’m not entirely surprised to see him post this. I don’t have any reason to call him an anti-semite for calling out this group in particular.

I didn’t call him an anti-Semite. Just a racist and a misogynist.

Maybe, but that’s obviously not super nice, even if it is true. And if OP is asking a question (harmless or not) the goal is to answer the question, not insult OP.

We can certainly try to not be rude, ignorant people who are only on here to make fun of and insult people

You joined 5 hours ago. You have no fucking idea what I’m here for.

…I’m messing with you. Welcome to the boards and especially the Pit forum. Where this sort of thing is TRADITION!

Indeed, I did. It was actually for my synesthesia, which is super cool by the way.
*whispers *
just because it’s tradition doesn’t make it okay ;D
just kidding

sorta lol

Oh, I think they’ve been around, in one form or another, for far more than a few hours. And I think they know exactly what forum they wandered into.


I don’t know, a sock would know how the pit works and that acting like a concern troll almost nevers works in the pit.

I’ll welcome partialgrape to the Dope and add, The pit isn’t about answering questions, its about letting off steam and recreation outrage.

Definitely not, or I wouldn’t be eleven years into marriage with a feminist sociologist atheist who brings home the bacon, never wears skirts or dresses, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.

Hasn’t there been the odd Pit thread that’s “degenerated” into an actual great debate and thus gotten moved to GD?

There was a thread recently with flavors of ATMB, but we put a stop to that posthaste.

Again. I didn’t call you an anti-semite. I called you a racist and a misogynist. If that’s OT, I apologize to all the posters who came here for a good, clean thread, started in the pit, by a racist who wants to trash a minor Jewish sect, and totally doesn’t mean to be anti-semitic.

Still wrong. I have been, in my entire tenure here, an unwavering proponent of policies and politicians overwhelmingly supported by Black people and feminists, other than a small radical fringe.