Ultram is making me weird, drink, anyone?

I have a bulging disc pressing on a nerve and my doc prescribed Ultram for me. Works pretty good for the pain. But I noticed after if starts to wear off, this is crazy, but I feel like I want to drink. I feel really anxious, and over the course of the last couple of nites, downed a bunch of wine without thinking about it. I took one Ultram this am as I got up and one at around 1pm. I am not dependent on it as I have just started taking it, and have not taken half as much as the rx says I can. GRrrrr. Does this go away. After a bottle of wine, I still feel like I could make myself producutive and clean the bathroom, or map out my budget for the next 2 months. Why does this happen? I quit smoking last year, thanks to Zyban, but I am tempted now to take a puff. (no smokes around thank god) Am I just wired funny???

Um, despite what the pharmaceutical company says about Ultram, it is an opiate, causes dependence, tolerance, and withdrawal in susceptible folks (like drug addicts) and should not really be mixed with alcohol. It is mood altering, and can lead to making bad decisions in certain circumstances.

One probably shouldn’t post under its influence either, if I am any judge. :wink:

If one doesn’t do well with opiates, and one has chronic nerve pain, one could consider asking one’s doctor about whether gabapentin (TM Neurontin) might be appropriate in their case. Said drug is not habit-forming or mood-altering.

The above should not be construed as personal medical advice, just general commentary on ultram and chronic nerve pain. YMMV, consult your own doc, etc. etc.


I don’t know how much better you can get than to post your medical inquiry(which we discourage) to a message board and get a real-life M.D. to answer in non-technical, non-condescending language in under 30 minutes.

You at least owe the Reader a co-pay. :smiley:

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