Um . . . wtf?

Type “illuminati” in your browser backward, and then add “.com”.


The 2nd Google result I got was a link to that nutbar David Icke’s site. The first was NSA. Weird indeed.

Huh. Weird.

Spooky. I didn’t assume they have a sense of humor about that stuff, but they obviously do. Weird.

Unfortunately (I guess), “they” don’t have anything to do with it. Some random person set it up. There’s nothing to prevent someone from setting up a website to redirect to any other website.

Aww. I was hoping laretalirt dot com would do something similar, but no such luck. is also nothing special.

This is the guy who owns the domain. You can make any domain redirect to any website.

That was odd. I mean, if I were that guy, I would link it to something like Tim Hortons. That’s enlightenment.

It’s not the Enlightenment.

Lots of people would be scared if they knew that Tim Horton’s was the Secret Cabral that’s determining the Course of World History.

I’ve done what now?

Ah, yes, they would. But wouldn’t be hilarious if Tim Hortons was the “secret meeting location” of the Illuminati? I mean, no one would suspect the old guys in the corner drinking cheap coffee and eating Timbits of secretly running the world.

… but now I will …

It’s not what you’ve done, but what you’re going to do… :smiley:

Or, type it in backwards and hit CTRL + Enter, which wraps “http://” and “.com” around any address field text automatically

Well for Windows anyway, that depends on what locale your system is set to. For Japan, it adds “http://” and “” to the address.

I seem to get the NSA website. Did I mess up?

Well, I’m just gonna give it a RAW guffaw…however it happened.

That’s hilarious!!! (redirects to NSA site) :slight_smile: