Um, yay me?

Here it is, 100 posts.

I feel strangely unfulfilled.

Now to see if I can stealth-post my way up to 1000 without being noticed.

consider it done. :smiley:

Good for you. :smiley:

Happy 100. Would you feel better if I stripped in your post party?

I know it would make ME feel better, Hypergirl.

Well played, LNO. By reaching 100 posts we know you are probably hooked. Your asking for recognition for it confirms it.

Damn right I want recognition. It took two solid months of surreptitious posting at work and still keeping my job.

Also, I’ll note your offer, hypergirl. I’ll probably cash it in when I’m feeling down, because nothin’ says lovin’ like lap-dances from the oven.

Ok, that made no sense.

made perfect sense to me. but people say i make no sense. so i dunno…

how cuuuute! 100 posts! Aren’t they adorable at that stage?

:::ducks, runs, and hides:::

Aww, how cuuute! Under 300 posts! They say that’s like SDMB puberty . . . :wink:


How come I didn’t get that offer at mine?

Is this where I’m supposed to say:

Hi, Opal!

Since I’ve seen lots of people do that, with no real idea why …

waves at her fellow MN doper and hands him some peppemint schnapps to warm him up


Happy century :slight_smile: