Um, Zenster? Could I have a word, please?

Well, admittedly I am rather quotable… :wink:


If he steals you sig,
he’s just a pig.

Aw Mildred, isn’t he cute when he gets angry?

Having recently visited Esprix’s web page, I find myself visualizing Linus van Pelt frowning and stomping his foot in such a cute little way!

jayjay (ooh…he’s so cute I could pinch him!)

Whoa…Italian aunt flashback!


Evidently, IROC.

Too bad I was being sarcastic

Consider this: if you both didn’t have huge obsolete, band-width-dissolving sigs there wouldn’t be a problem.

Eschew the sig!

Just be yourself. And watch those boards speed up!

Especially eschew the sig that says how someone once said how terrific you are. Too much like high school.

***Be a man, not a twig,

Brace yourself, eschew the sig!***

Have I said eschew enough?


Good evening. I am Crunchy Frog and I will be attorney in this case.

Now then, Mr. Zenster, I have a deposition here, signed by you, stating that you were indeed at the Baskin-Robbins on the 30th of June, 1999. But that’s neither here nor there.

Mr. Zenster, did you or did you not take your sig from Esprix?

I submit that you took the sig line from Esprix!

I suggest that you took the sig line from Esprix!

Admit it, you took the sig line from Esprix!

Come clean and confess that you took the sig line from Esprix!

Did you take the sig from Esprix?!

Answer the question!

Yes or no?!!

::paralegal whispers in Crunchy Frog’s ear::

Oh, bloody hell. It appears I am to be the attorney for the defense.
No further questions.

Fine, I know where I’m not wanted. No one here appreciates the joy, the wit, the sarcastic punnery and flamboyantly intelligent time and energy it took to create and perfect my sig. It works on so many levels I tell you, but you all just can’t get the elevator off the basement and go exploring the penthouse of the mind. I pity you, weep for your children, and sleep with your SO. Good day.

Where’s that B-Bastard guy?


What say we both belabor that Ender character about the upper reaches for his incredibly bad sig cum pun? He needs some sort of punishment, and badly at that. Perhaps you’ll figure out something inventive as I’m in Taiwan and can only come up with the usual bamboo-slivers-under-the-fingernails sort of cliched tripe. I’m sure you can do better.

And speaking of elevators, is anyone sure Ender’s even goes to the top floor?

I think you’re all terrible.