Um, Zenster? Could I have a word, please?

I noticed your new .sig. Care to explain, there, young man? HMMMM? <tapping foot impatiently>

“I rule” - indeed. Harumph. Harumph, I say! Harumph again!



Maybe he’s just a big fan of Edge and Christian.

In either case, “I rock” and “I rule” are two different things… the former can either be indicative of music-loving or a gentle “waving” back-and-forth, and the latter can be indicative of either governing or measuring.

Oh, no … copyright infringement lawsuit on the way!

It’s still rock 'n rule to me.

I think they’re two totally different sentiments. Plus, I figured “I rule” was reference to the most brilliant film ever made in the history of all cinema, American Beauty.



No, no, that would be *Blood Orgy of the She-Devils.

Clearly it’s a reference to Rock and Rule, a slow-moving animated sci-fi rock opera.

Here I was expecting you to take Zenster to task for something he had posted, rather than copyright infringement. Oh well.

Have your lawyer get back to my lawyer.

I mean, just “I rule” would be sufficient. But to actually say, “Evidently, I rule” - well, that’s just low-down. Evil. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEvil, I tells ya!

Where’s Johnny Cochrane when you need him most?


Those of us who really rock and rule don’t have to advertise it. It just shines through like a beacon!

You got somethin’ against evil, Goody-Two-Shoes?

So, there I was replying over at the irony thread…

Aw come’on, has everyone lost their sense of humor? Stoid’s appreciation thread for me sank like an effing rock.

Besides, Exsprix darling, you know what they say about imitation.

So cliche’ = brillance? I take it you’ve never seen Blame it on Rio, or any other movie where a middle age man is obsessed with a sweet young thing…

As for the OP I don’t think the phrase " I rule" can be copy-righted, since it’s a common expression that the origin of which is not known.

No, no, it’s not the “I rule” part, it’s the entire thing - “Evidently, I rule.”

Trademark it all you like, knave - my lawyers will be in touch.

Harumph - yet again!



The crucial question that nobody has asked is this: Is it better to rock or rule?

I think I’ll change my sig to emphasize my presence.

Argh! Now I have two more copycats (whose names elude me at the moment) - one of them “rocks” to a picture of Iraq, and the other “rocks” to a picture of an Iroc-Z.

You bastards! <shaking little fist>


Ah, yes - one of them is Ender. The other one starts with a “B.”

B - for bastard! <shaking little fist>


Be honored. It’s only a testament to your overall fabulousity not to mention your ability to create killer sigs.

<Astro stops eating dinner and with mouth full waves roast beef sandwich distractly at Esprix in “hail fellow well met manner” while making “Munph” sound>