Umbrella Man is a Hell's Angel and not Antifa

This is what I see when I follow the link and look at that particular story:
“Author: Sebastian Robertson (KING5), KING 5 Staff
Published: 3:56 PM PDT June 11, 2020
Updated: 3:56 PM PDT June 11, 2020”

Yes, I saw that too…
But the dateline in the thumbnail says 6 Nov 20
(I was being silly)

Yeah… that isn’t a follow-up story. That’s a story publicizing the investigation. A follow-up story is “here are new developments”.

I mean: don’t you think 7 weeks is long enough to investigate this and identify those involved? Especially in such a small community?

My quote: “Antifa exists primarily as a figment of the right wing imagination. Unlike, say those that want to start a race war.” Followed by "That the antifa have taken over Seattle is a right wing propaganda fantasy.’

Your cherry picked quote does not include the context of “primarily”. Read for comprehension and quote for truth please.

Antifa or anarchists or right wing 5th column agitators trying to pin the blame on the left can spark a crowd to violence. They do not necessarily cause signficant damage by themselves.

The damage in Bellevue Washington was done by a group of outside bad boys using the BLM protests as cover. These were smart criminals knowing exactly what they were targeting like the Louis Vuitton store, and worked social media like a maestro for other outside “looters” to join in the fun. Bellevue police put all their resources into “crowd” containment and let the looters go wild. Nordstrom Rack and Bellevue Square were looted for hours with the police waiting for the national guard to come in that night with overwhelming force. Might have been the right call, but if a quarter of the BLM crowd control police had been at Bellevue Square, Lincoln Square, and the Bravern as a show of force, the bad boys might have just gone home.


He’s not milo yiannopoulos, nor a trumpist, and he is guilty of being a token disadvantaged Harvard grad, but he is a conservative.

I am willing to be wrong that Umbrella guy isnt a Anarchist, since the point was- he wasnt a Antifa. So, since we still aren’t sure who the hell he is, at least people have stopped saying he was antifa.

Are you sure we’re talking about the same guy? The one who reports on women’s rights, human rights, and health crises around the world? The guy who has been to some 150 countries, who reported on Tiananmen Square, is an associate managing editor for the NYT and who has won two Pulitzer Prizes, one of which was for reporting on the Darfur genocide? What are your reasons for thinking him to be a rightie? I have no idea what you mean by “token disadvantaged Harvard grad”, so perhaps you can enlighten me.

Yes, you said “primarily” and when I typed a quote from memory I typed “only” which is not the same as “primarily”.

So, sticking with your term “primarily” in their imagination, it’s still understating the issue.

I’m lumping groups like Antifa and Youth Liberation Front together, which you may disagree with lumping them and other groups together, but there is definitely a group of people that show up at protests and perform acts of destruction because they believe that is necessary to achieve their goals (as stated by them in social media).

According to their social media they do.

We have to separate Antifa (punch a Nazi) who cause very little property damage from Anarchists who declare it to be their focus.

Antifa is not Anarchists.

I think it’s more likely that some individuals with a goal of showing up places and causing mayhem are calling themselves by these group names, rather than being an effort by these groups.

Antifa and anarchist groups (and others) have stated that they’re not opposed to using violent tactics us if suits the needs. But it’s not the first tool in their box. Whereas there is definitely a cohort of individuals that go to violence first.

Aye; I’ll second that notion.

I third that.

Nicholas Kristof calls himself something along the lines of a “token disadvantaged Harvard grad.”

His words from the link: I write this as a beneficiary of affirmative action. I was an Oregon farm boy, and Ivy League schools wanted the occasional country bumpkin, so I milked this for all it was worth by writing a college essay about me vaccinating sheep, picking strawberries and competing in the Future Farmers of America.

Harvard wanted hicks from the sticks, so it chose me to help diversify its freshman class — and then Harvard had a huge impact on me. I’m also proud to have served some years ago on Harvard’s board and to have been a visiting fellow at its Kennedy School of Government.

well put

No, Anarchists are all about property damage, that is a major tool for them. Antifa is not.

Anarchists ate my baby!

you’re talking to an anarchist who’s never damaged property.
you dont know what youre talking about.

I bet you don’t own an official anarchist uniform or a mil surplus gas mask, you’re prolly just Antifa!

I’ve also never punched a nazi…I better step it up!
I dont have any black pants, but I do have some black concert t shirts I could turn inside out.