Umbrella Man is a Hell's Angel and not Antifa

Why would you think he was acting on behalf of the club? If it turned out he was a member of Mensa or the SDMB would you also assume he was acting on behalf of those clubs?

I mean, I wouldn’t think it, but a lot of the conspiracy theory people are probably going to think there IS some connection now that it’s been reported that he is (supposedly) a member.

Nicholas Kristof is a conservative OP Ed commentator and is in Portland covering the protests nightly. Hopefully not behind a paywall. He’s also an Oregon farm boy made good. This is his turf.

His conclusion:
It also must be said that while there’s violence from both sides, what I’ve seen firsthand is that the most violent behavior overwhelmingly comes from the federal agents, and indeed the most serious injuries have been suffered by protesters. Your federal tax dollars paid to shoot a man in the face with a “less lethal” munition — an unprovoked assault that left him with a fractured skull and possible brain damage.

If you want to call one side “rioters” or “anarchists” working to create tumult in Portland, it’s the uninvited feds who qualify.

Also from that link:

the tactic of the Black Bloc: they went to protests and marches wearing black motorcycle helmets and ski masks and dressing in uniform black clothing (or, for the most prepared, wearing padding and steel-toed boots and bringing their own shields and truncheons). In Black Bloc, autonomen and other radicals could more effectively fend off police attacks, without being singled out as individuals for arrest and harassment later on. And, as everyone quickly figured out, having a massive group of people all dressed the same

This was one guy all on his own.

Actually that is unknown since it is only based upon a anonymous tipster .

The police are reported also as so identifying him.

I’m in Seattle and I’ve been seeing these people at protests since WTO. In addition, the Youth Liberation Front (which is not “Antifa” but is mostly anarchists according to their own description) was the organizer of the violent protest in Seattle last Saturday.

The right spins lots of things, but to say that these people are primarily a figment of right wing imagination just isn’t supported by the facts.

Ok, but who is “pink shirt pizza guy?” He was in multiple videos with umbrella man. He almost seemed like he was playing the part of his antagonist.

There have been plenty of OMG teh antifa are coming. Do you remember the camping “antifa” family in Forks WA?

I’m on the Eastside. No doubt there are limited number of antifa as well as anarchists. That the antifa have taken over Seattle is a right wing propaganda fantasy. Christ, I was a proto-antifa in the early 80’s during the hardcore nazi punks era. And knew some serious anarchists back then (animal liberation front folks that burned down research facilities).

Guy seemed pretty bored tbh. Just broke the windows in order, no enthusiasm at all. He seemed pissed at the job they gave him, not society.

No. No there wasn’t. There were demonstrations. There were some vocal agitators. Umbrella Man was the instigator of the looting and rioting. He caused others to come up and stir up even more violence to redirect the purpose of the demonstrations from Justice for George to causing chaos and leaving the streets a war zone.

You stated they only exist in right wing imagination, which is a pretty different statement from your statement here about them taking over Seattle.

The facts are that they exist and tend to show up during protests, and based on their own statements, tend to be the people that are breaking windows and setting fires.

They aren’t imaginary and they aren’t taking over the city, but they do cause significant damage during protests.

Boy, have you got that one wrong!

Antifa is by no means imaginary, altho they have no organization.

However, Antifa is not about “breaking windows and setting fires”- that is almost always outside agitators such as the Black Blok Anarchists, and now also far right hate groups.

I remember this, and I also remember that I never saw any follow up stories on it. So i checked, and there are no follow up stories on it.

I sent an email to the Clallam County Sheriff’s office, tho asking what the state of the investigation was, if any suspects had been identified and if anyone had been arrested yet. A voicemail message said the person who the email likely went to is out of the office until 3 August, but I’ll let you know what they tell me.

Like the Vaughn Booker case, I’m really, really curious to know why there’s seemingly been no arrests and no follow up stories.


I’ve seen follow up stories on the local news. They released video of the initial encounter in a parking lot and asked for anyone with knowledge to come forward.

Here’s one of the follow up stories:

That appears to be a story from the future.