Umm... What!? Clear Knee Mom jeans

Can someone explain this weird concept to me? Attempt at mom sexy?

Nope. Not a clue. Same manufacturer also makes faux leather pants apparently, which look stylin’. :wink:

Like the old movie So Fine. So ridiculous.


Finally my personal hell of trying to determine if moms have knees or not is over.

That poor model looks like she’s really trying. It’s not your fault, dear.

Hmmm… Might work if your name is Bea

Those look positively… orthopedic. And I say that with a big ass brace on my leg right now.

…to be a Mean Girls era Lizzy Caplan?

What’s an ass brace for ?

You mean where Richard Kiel’s driver’s license picture was cut off at the nose; he was so tall?

Right. Everyone knows it’s the back of the knees that are sexy.

That is very bizarre, I’ve never seen anything like it.

And why would you put an ass brace on your leg?

It’s fetish wear for the people who like these drawings.

And what’s this thing where women are tucking only the front of a shirt? Either all of it or none, toots.

In the description, it talked about a futuristic feel.


::loosens tie::

They should do that for buttless chaps too, just to keep the rain off.

Those pants, though, are one of the hottest couture things since the bold, flapless zipper that Bob Newhart sported in the 1974 made-for-tv movie Thurday’s Game.*
*That seriously had the greatest cushion fight in the history of all film(?)

That model does not look like a mom.

That actually made me laugh out loud.

Did this get maybe leaked early, and had been meant for next Saturday?

Edit: this article has great additional suggestions:

This covers the WTF post of my scavenger hunt. Thanks!