Ummm-am I missing something here?

Reached by phone, a Westbury woman who identified herself as Onorato’s granddaughter said he was a retired businessman. He lived alone and never married or had children, she said.

The above quote comes from this article in which an unfortunate gentleman fell prey to an errant cab.

Either there’s a misquote, or I’m my own Grandpa. :confused:


Fixed link.

Er… his granddaughter says he never had children… She came out of a pod?

Perhaps she identified herself as his “grand daughter” because he was a “great uncle” and she was a little too clueless to say “niece”, “great niece” or anything similar.

Wait, I’ve got it!
Artificial Insemination! That has to be it. She tracked him down!

Or maybe she just wanted her 15 minutes of fame . . .

He could have adopted one of her parents, as a single parent. I doubt it, but it would fit the statement.

It was one of those Strom Thurmond, damsel-in-distress, damned-if-you-don’t things. :slight_smile:

One thing you’re missing - a decently descriptive thread title.

She’s his “granddaughter” pending the outcome of the lottery.