UN Funding of Palestinian Refugee Camps

The official site of the UNRelief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East posts pledges and contributions by country and fund for the year 2000. They do not, however, show the same information for the year 2001.

What I would like help discovering is, of the 100% of UN funds spent on maintaining the Refugee Camps in Gaza and the West Bank, what percentage is donated by the US? What percentage by Jordan? Etc…
Can anyone help me find the answer?

Is this good enough? How exact do you need it?

Good info, DDG, but I’m looking for the source of those funds.

Which countries gave how much to the UNRWA?

I don’t mean to be a pest, but I need to give this question one last shot.

I’ve never seen GQ stumped by a question with an actual, factual answer!

Final shot…

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Any guesses how much of that ‘relief’ money was diverted to armaments and shuffled into the bank accounts of Arafat and his cronies?

Not that it matters, but you haven’t told us why you’re curious about the 2001 figures rather than being satisfied with the 2000 data on that page.

The 2001 data is probably not readily available. The 2000 figures on the page linked were apparently released by the UNRWA in Gaza on April 11, 2001. It’s uncertain when they were posted to the web, but the page was last edited on December 12.

Local events may be preventing the UNRWA from being as timely with the data from 2001.

They may not have finished the accounting yet.