Unable to reach secure websites

For the last week or so my computer has been acting a little wonky. Little glitches here and there, one example would be that previously played installed games can’t be seen or won’t open.

I’ve run, umm, let’s see here – Spybot, McAfee Scan, AOL’s computer checkup (my computer is superior to 67% of users, yay!), AOL’s spyware scan and AdAware. No malice of any sort on my baby here.

But herein lies the problem – I am unable to connect with servers that are security based. I clink on my hyperlink to SDMB, no problem. I click on google, no problem. I click on Citicard or Wells Fargo links; action cancelled, cannot reach server. Odd, says I. Normal? Not so much.

Anyone have this experience before? I HAD tinkered with my internet options, have since set them back to default and shut down SEVERAL times. When I shutdown and come back up, I am able to access these sites like ONCE. Only if I’m doing so immediately, before going to any other websites. This confounds me, and scares me at the same time, because it seems to only be secured sites I’m unable to access at any given time.

Please geeks, help me! I have $5 in bestbuy bucks that translates to $10 for geeksquad! :slight_smile:

It could be a problem in your OS. Sometimes some of the .dll files in windows that deal with secure logins and cryptography will become corrupt. I’m assuming you’re running a windows OS, like Xp or 2000. Try going to start/run and typing regsvr32 softpub.dll then hit enter. It will probably say “registering server in softpub.dll succeded” then reboot the machine.