Unanswered Questions about Movies

  1. In *Rear Window,*why didn’t anyone see Jimmy Stewart spying on them before Raymond Burr spotted him near the end?
  2. In A Day at the Races, what song did Chico Marx play on the piano at the Water Carnival? (Just before Harpo destroyed the piano!)
  3. In Around the World in 80 Days, what is a “boat train”?
    In Ssssssss, why did Strother Martin choose his daughter’s (Heather Menzies) boyfriend to turn into a cobra? Why didn’t he choose his daughter herself?
  4. In The Caine Mutiny, why on earth did May Wynn appear so many times?
  5. In Scent of a Woman, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Al Pacino to wear dark glasses? It was a while before I figured out his character was supposed to be blind.
  6. In Billy Jack, why did the title character hole up in a building?
  7. In Greystoke, if Tarzan grew up with apes, how come he was clean shaven?
  1. That was the point - Pachino’s character hadn’t come to accept his blindness. Wearing glasses would have been admitting defeat.

  2. This goes back to Edgar Rice Burroughs, who insisted that Tarzan was always clean-shaven. The reason? Because he was an Englishman, and not some bloody savage.

1.—Easy. Jimmy’s apartment was just behind the “fourth wall.” Most characters HATE looking at those things, and try to just ignore them.


The clean-shaven Tarzan in Greystoke always bugged me, too. Even worse, the movie stupidly draws attention to it in a scene where Ian Holm’s character actually shows the never-seen-a-whisker Tarzan how to shave. It’s like saying, “Hey folks, can you spot the mistake in our movie? 'Cuz it’s really obvious!”

If it hadn’t been for that scene, I’ll bet most people wouldn’t have even thought about it.

A boat train is a train that takes passengers to and from ports. Where presumably many of them catch boats.

I saw this recently on TCM and, as I remember, the explanation was that her character was added at the insistence of the studio to improve the appeal of the movie. I think they said the character wasn’t in the novel.

May Wynn IS in the novel, though. The entire beginning of the novel is all about her relationship with Willy Keith.

The end, too, arguably. There was an elaborate backstory about her being (gasp!) Italian and Keith torn between his rather pathetic puppy-dog love for her and his natural Northeast WASP distrust of all things ethnic.

I always wanted to know what a “bean feast” was (from Willy Wonka). I just figured old Veruca wanted to pig out on jelly beans, but I’ve never been absolutely sure that’s what she means!

He starts with a Rachmaninoff prelude but then changes to “On the Beach at Bali Bali.”

It’s called Sssssss. I think certain people wanted to see Dirk Benedict (Starbuck ) naked.

Burroughs has a scene where Tarzan finds the remnants of his family. He finds a knife and some pictures and decides that he should like the man in the pictures. After much trial and error and cutting himself, eh learns to shave.

BEAN-FEAST, primarily an annual dinner given by an employer to his workpeople, and then colloquially any jollification. The phrase is variously derived. The most probable theory is that which connects it with the custom in France, and afterwards in Germany and England, of a feast on Twelfth Night, at which a cake with a bean buried in it was a great feature. The beanking was he who had the good fortune to have the slice of cake in which was the bean. This choosing of a king or queen by a bean was formerly a common Christmas diversion at the English and Scottish courts, and in both English universities. This monarch was master of the revels like his congener the lord of misrule. A clue to his original functions is possibly found in the old popular belief that the weather for the ensuing twelve months was determined by the weather of the twelve days from Christmas to Twelfth Night, tue weather of each particular month being prognosticated from each day. Thus the king of the bean of Twelfth Night may have originally reigned for the twelve days, his chief duty being the performance of magical ceremonies for ensuring good weather during the ensuing twelve months. Probably in him and the lord of misrule it is correct to find the lineal descendi ant of the old king of the Saturnalia, the real man who personated Saturn and, when the revels ceased, suffered a real death in his assumed character. Another but most improbable derivation lot bean-feast connects it with M.E. bene prayer, request, the allusion being to the soliciting of alms towards the cost of theit Twelfth Night dinner by the workpeople.
Probably more than you wanted to know :smiley:

Here’s one that I’ve always wondered about: where exactly does the title “Apocalypse Now” come from? Is it from a poem or something? Also, what is it supposed to mean? Thanks!

Well wait a minute. Why does it make more sense for him to wear dark glasses? I believe in some cases there medical reasons for blind or partial blind people to sheild their eyes, but for the most part…isn’t it just to be less unnerving to us light-dependent folks? Not someting that seemed to be a big priority to his character.

Now me, if I were blind, I’d definatly wear dark glasses all the time. Basicaly because I want to now except they keep me from seeing as well. (If only I were blind I could look cool all the time!) But a lot of blind people don’t wear dark glasses.

I don’t know, but I heard recently there’s a scene in the movie where it’s written as graffiti on a wll behind one of he characters. I haven’t heard of another source, perhaps it was in fact grafitti someone saw in Vietnam and picked up on.

As for the meaning, unless I’m missing something I’d say it was pretty straightfoward…this is apocalypse, not something we’re waiting for, this the end (cue Doors music) right now.

I have my own question though…although it’s not exactly a movie question. In the director’s cut Apocalypse Now there’s a long scene with some French colonists who were holding out dispite the war raging around them. I had an argument with a friend about wether this was remotely possible…were there any French hold outs still there at the time AN was supposed to be taking place?

They had no reason to look so carefully at other windows.

Raymond Burr doesn’t just “spot” him by accident. Grace Kelly is in Burr’s apartment, captured by the police, and is surruptitiously signaling to Stewart that she has the ring. Burr sees her signal, and understands that she must be signaling to someone, and so he’s looking for who she could be signaling to. So, he has a specific reason for looking to try to find her accomplice. No one else has any reason for peeping back, so to speak.

In Ssssssss, why did Strother Martin choose his daughter’s (Heather Menzies) boyfriend to turn into a cobra? Why didn’t he choose his daughter herself?

Wow, I’m not the only one to have seen this?

Ummm, because she is his daughter, and father even crazy one, don’t generally like to see their kids hurt?

P.S.[del] I have never seen the movie.[/del] I am the greatest movie expert of all time.

In Memento, why does Leonard steal Jimmy’s clothes?

The Jag I can understand, but the clothes just seem weird.