Unbiased opinion on website UI

Hi everyone. Just a small survey on the UI of the website I’m working on.
Just write down what you like and what you do not like on the website. Homepage, articles, anything. Not sure if I or any members of my team can look clearly at the website after all that time we’ve spent working on it, so I thought that’s not the worst idea to ask someone not related to the website at all.
[website name removed]

Mod Hat on:

I need to remove the link. This kind of request needs to be approved from higher up then myself and permission should be asked ahead of time.

I also need to move it to IMHO as you’re requesting opinions, not factual answers.

Welcome to the Straight Dope but this is an irregular first post.

Yeah, I just got bored at night, thought that would be a good idea. I just realized that I even misspelled my surname in the username. So, yeah, anyway, can we add .com domain zone to the [website name removed] at least, even if there’s no link, just for people to realize where to go, because with no link the post has no sense at all

I bumped this up to the other mods to check.

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I have removed the name of the website from your posts. We do not allow surveys about off-board projects here, though for long-time users we will often make an exception.

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