Unbreakable = The Scrappy Doo of movies

DC and I went to see this movie over the weekend and it sucked. It was perhaps one of the awfullest pieces of tripe that I have seen in a long time. Though it isn’t the worst movie of all time it has all the qualities. Some movies are mediocre and thus wholly forgettable. How I wish this movie was like that Erin Brokabitch movie. That movie was at least ok to watch and didn’t stick with you in its rankosity ™ like this movie did.

It was pretty predictable over all which in itself was boring but as DC and I talked longer we realized it was the Scrappy Doo of movies. Basically, the director (whatever his name is, did the Sixth Sense) had a good formula going there with the supernatural. The Sixth Sense rocked and decided that it would also work on a semi-super hero level (it didn’t). It was like turning the gradeschool to teenage focused Scooby Doo cartoons into a preschool focused show by adding Scrappy Doo completely ruining the premise of the pot smoking hippy (Shaggy), the talking dog (Scooby), the wussy (Fred), the lesbian (Velma), and the Bimbo (Daphne). Adding a retarded thug into this mix and getting rid of the wussy and lesbian did nothing to the show. Suddenly there was no intellectual appeal.

This was only exemplified by the fact that Mr. Glass talks about comics the whole time and how stereotypes within comics apply to modern day. Come on, this would have worked much more intellectually and supernaturally if he worked it in with Tarot instead. It could have had more potential to be a cool show but instead it focused on kiddies and comics. The ending where you discover that Mr. Glass is really the villain trying to unearth Bruce Willis who is as “Unbreakable” as he is breakable isn’t even worth the 8 bucks to go see. The movie vainly tried the intellectual approach of superheros yet it didn’t make it. It wasn’t anything as fun as the X-Men. These people were boring. I was hoping that Bruce’s kid would have shot him and the director as we continued watching it or even added a real life Scrappy Doo to irritate me just enough to get out of the seat and leave but alas it did not. We stayed the entire time hoping it would get better and left talking about how horrible it was.

Anyone else see it and want to add into the Scrappulence ™ of this movie. Feel free to add. Or any other Scrappulent ™ movies that you have seen out there.


Quite a few of us have seen it. Unfortunately not all (me included) share your Scrappitudiness for it.
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I thought this movie sucked big time! We kept waiting for it to get better and were utterly disappointed with the entire movie. I’m glad we went to a matinee instead of paying full price to see that piece of crap.

Hey! You should have had a warning - spoiler! in your thread title. Fortunately for me, I had already seen it.

I do think that the movie suffers from the common “sophomoric slump” syndrome but I don’t think it’s as bad as the OP makes out. I liked the low-key approach to super-herodom (it reminded me of the old-time Spiderman when you see a superhero trying to deal with everyday problems like making his superhero suit and having to hold down a job).

Based on talking to people, and the thread linked above, I have a theory:

If you liked The Sixth Sense, you probably won’t like Unbreakable.

If you didn’t like The Sixth Sense, you probably will like Unbreakable.

That’s definitely true for me (I didn’t like The Sixth Sense).

Saw it Sat. Man did it suck. Absofuckinglutely nothing happened throughout most of it. Howzabout a little buildup of his super powers in action before he weakly defeats Mr. “I like your house”? The brief moments played for laughs (weights, son with gun) were the only parts that didn’t completely suck. It was all downhill from the previews (Pearl Harbor could be cool!) Wonder how much Bruce made per syllable uttered? Lotta stony staring going on.

Of the 4 of us, both women liked it. Sheesh! The other guy and I were both looking at our watches.