Unbridled weirdness-in the name of the Lord, of course

What do you get when you mix two sisters who want to talk to Momma while she’s in church, with a preacher who gets his knickers in a twist cuz they’re wearin’ blue jeans? :eek:

He allegedly removed those demonic denim damsels from the Lord’s presence, toot sweet.

Dunno why he didn’t call down the power of heaven to remove those offending garments, except that might have led to sins of a different color.

Some times I think God needs better PR people. :dubious:

There’s a Jesus vibrator joke in there somewhere, I know there is…

Didn’t you know that the devil is taking over the world one pair of Levi’s at a time?

Man, he took that Jimmy Neutron episode way too seriously.

Women weren’t allowed to wear pants in the Pentecostal church I grew up in either. Nobody could wear shorts, at least not in public. Boys and girls couldn’t swim together either.