Unchained Reaction

Anybody else catch this new Discovery Channel show? I had never heard of it, but saw it on Tivo Suggestions.

It’s hosted by Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters, who judge two teams who have to construct a Rube Goldberg machine using identical piles of junk, and conforming to some theme. The first episode was “Fire & Ice.”

It was pretty interesting, and reminded me a little bit of the glory days of Junkyard Wars. The machines built by each team were pretty fun to watch. My one complaint is the editing – they felt the need to use close-ups and frequent cutaways when the machines were running, making it extremely difficult to see how the overall thing fits together. I hope they rectify that in subsequent episodes.


There was another episode on last night, with the theme, “Speed.” Both machines were very impressive (one had a horror movie theme) and I am relieved to report that the editing was much improved from the first episode.

Maybe it’s because I’m not that big of a gear-head but the ‘build’ part of the show was slow and uninteresting. Perhaps if they showed more ‘build’ and less talking into the camera as if it was The Real World it would speed things up.

I only saw the Speed one and the only part of either build that we actually saw on camera was the bike guys painting the frame of the starting gizmo and the monster guys setting up the explosions. Everything else was a quick shot of a part working or not, head talking, shot of an already built connection working or failing, head talking.

Thanks for the “Head’s Up”! I’ll set my DVR for this one.

I’ve watched all three eps so far. Kind of fun but not very compelling, tho I guess it’ll do until (if ever) Junkyard Wars comes back. At least (so far) they don’t overhype artificial intra-team conflicts like so many other reality-based shows.

Aside from the choppy editing, it would be good if they would spray-paint that whole giant warehouse some neutral color so the machines stand out a bit more from the background. And Jamie and Adam looking at what are clearly outtakes superimposed on their laptop screen is a bit hokey.

Started watching the Fire & Ice once and by about halfway it was finishing while I was in the other room doing something else.

I could see putting this on DVR and then just skipping to the last 5 minutes to see the final machines.

Anyone knows if it is or will be on Discovery in Canada?

I’ve watched two so far. My reaction is a lukewarm “Meh”. I wanted to like it, since I loved Junkyard Wars. But somehow it’s just not that interesting to me.

I do, however, give the producers of the show huge credit for actually focusing the camera mostly on the machine during its run, with a minimum of pointless reaction shots.

They should have a Minecraft episode.

To answer my own question, it appears that the show will be onDiscovery Canadastarting on the 22 of April at 10:00 pm

I agree with the comments about the editing during the final run throughs of the machines. The camera angles totally ruin a lot of what’s going on and it’s hard to follow how each part fits together. Also I agree that Jamie and Adam’s comments are a lot of the same “oh that seems like an interesting concept, I wonder if they can get it to work” and so forth. Plus there comments during the final showdowns are a little annoying. They keep saying “oh there it goes” every time a new part of the machine starts. It’s like “we’re watching it too we can see it but thanks”. Still, I watched and I’ll watch it again if I happen to come across it on tv. But I won’t actively search for it. I’ve always loved Jamie and Adam and the whole Mythbusters show so I wish them the best.