Unchained Reactions - hosted by Mythbusters starts tonight

I plan to watch the first episode. It sounds interesting. Anyone else interested?

video preview


I love Rube Goldberg machines! I’ll check this out.

Looks cool. Thanks for the heads up.

If the machines are anything like the Rube Goldberg machine in that Christmas episode, with all the Mentos fountains and robots and everything, this show ought to be good.

So what did people think? It was fun enough, but I wanted a walk through where we really saw precisely how each individual step worked… I also really want to know whether they faked helping the second machine go, as it seemed to have completely stopped a few times… I can well imagine the producers going in and restarting it and just editing that out (but the judges would presumably know, and in fact that team did not win).

Sounds like a small-scale Scrapheap Challenge (or, as titled in the US, Junkyard Wars).

It seems like it wasn’t edited or filmed well. Kind of took away the enjoyment of watching the devices run in the end. But it’s only the first episode. They’ll just have to work some things out.

I agree with the comments above about the editing and filming needing improvement.

Based on what we were shown, I thought the other team should have won easily. Their machine looked much more creative and interesting than the team that won.

Which itself built upon “The Great Egg Race”.


If it had worked correctly, I think they would have. However, a pretty basic part of the challenge is that it should work as designed. We all know that RG machines often take hundred of tests to get right, but in this case they are given both ample time and a small number of links to accomplish. They also have access to a whole shop full of tools, and materials, so there is little room for complaint about materials failures.