Unclaimed property 14 years later.

A few days ago I got a call from an aunt on my dad’s side who said someone contacted her about a $75 refund from AT&T that he never collected. She said she tried to get it but couldn’t, but I could since I’m his son. I checked out California’s unclaimed property database on the State Controller’s Website and sure enough there it is.

Now he died in 2000. Just like there are statutes of limitation on debt collection, I always thought there were limits on how long a company would hold on to a refund. Isn’t 14 years an awfully long time to still be offering it?

No, the company is no longer holding on to the property.

They turned it over to the California State Controller’s Office about 11 years ago. The California State Controller is holding on to it.

Glad I did my research before I corrected you on your spelling.

Who the hell do they think they are, spelling something the way it sounds? :wink:

OK, that makes perfect sense. Thank you.

… How are you spelling it?

I (and I’m guessing KneadToKnow) assumed it was Comptroller, when I read it.

Correct. Many states spell it that way.

Let’s have a round of applause for the real comptroller.

All the states (that I have lived in at least) have an unclaimed property site you can search. For each state you have lived in, you should go to the STATE unclaimed property section and follow the directions on searching for unclaimed property in your name (you can search any name-I did friends and relatives-you can’t claim their stuff, but they will be happy to know they have money there!) Deposits for utilities, rental, etc., refunds from stores, schools, government agencies, insurance.

Don’t get caught up in the groups that say they will help you find this money. They take your information and go to the same websites and then help you file to get the money-For a portion of the money they “find” for you.