Anyone else get unclaimed property?

Over the last couple of years I checked the unclaimed property sites for my name. A couple of months ago I found my name with an amount, filled out the paperwork, sent it in, and rec’d a check in a few weeks. Another person I know did the same. Anyone else receive unclaimed property this way? The main link (for U.S.) is

I recieved $27.00 past paycheck I never picked up from one of my high school jobs. At the time, it was just about the coolest damn thing that had happened to me. Filled out the paperwork about a month ago and still have not gotten the check yet. They wanted a W-2 or a paystub proving it was me (I had the job about 7 years ago) no one I know keep records that long. Oh well, it was fun enough seeing my name on there.

Hmm. Seems your Social Security Number (or a copy of your SS card) should suffice.

Interesting. I found my uncle and possibly my cousin on some lists. Alas, nothing for moi.

Wow. I found 48 matches for my last name.

None of them are relatives. One owns a restaurant in LA with my last name, which I’ve eaten at.

A few were even in San Diego! Who knew there were so many of us running around with that last name?

My sister recently found my name in Penna’s database from a check I never cashed from 1988 (when I was 16 years old), for $175, from an fuel oil company that I have no idea why owes me money. But it’s most definitely me, as the address matched, and I have a pretty uncommon birth name. I printed out the forms but forgot to mail them in; I think I’ll do that now.

We also found my grandfather’s name (deceased) on several claims, and we’re the next of kin. I should write them as ask what to do in that case. I’m just excited about the $175 - kind of like a little extra payday.

For those in Washington state, the link at the site linked in the OP is no good. Try this one.


I found over $6K in stock under my last known address in California and an unknown amount for my mom in Connecticut! :eek:

That’s so awesome. Thanks!

Wow, now that’s what I call a success story!

I found some of my dads, $75.00

But that was 2 years ago. Another way to find your state’s unclaimed property website, which is free, is to put in a search engine "state of california unclaimed property’ & it should show up (put in your state). These are free searches too, you shouldn’t have to pay.

Yes - everyone should check it out! Check EVERYWHERE you have lived and worked.

A few months ago I got a postcard from the New Hampshire State Gov’t. saying that I had unclaimed property. It turned out I had a refund due of $80 from one of the hospitals when I was a camp counsellor up there!

The stock is some weird mutual fund I’ve never heard of, but I asked my dad and he remembers buying it. It’s 433.633 shares of the Nicholas Limited Edition Fund. How odd. I got excited before and did the math wrong - at $12/share it’s worth $5203.66, but that’s still a lot of money!!! :slight_smile:

Violet, next time you’re in Atlanta, let’s go out - on me!

Great discovery, Miss Xanax! Thanks for the virtual hug and invitation. :slight_smile:

There are news items about the unclaimed property situation. One is

It seems worthwhile to check periodically because new unclaimed funds are constantly being added. A year ago and two years ago there was nothing for me. Then something popped up later. Same thing for another friend.

Just found $160.89 under my husband’s (deceased) father’s name. Not a fortune, but enough of a windfall to be interesting!

There’s also $1,300 in a bank account for someone with the same name but no address listed, so not sure if that’s him or not. Something we’ll definately look into.

Nothing for me or hubby anyplace I’ve lived/worked.

About a year ago I discovered my son had “unclaimed property” .

The amount was $1, apparently a state tax refund.

He did not wish to fill out a form, have his signature notarized and add a stamp, so it’s still there as far as I know.