Uncle Leo from "Seinfeld" dead at 88. :-(

Len Lesser died in his sleep this morning. What a funny, funny guy. All in all, he made over 500 film, television and stage appearances.

Hello, Jerry. Hello.

“Your cousin Jeffery… Now HE really knows how to do a death scene. You should SEE him! He clutches his CHEST! He flops on the FLOOR! Now THAT’S the way to do a DEATH scene!”

Very sad news. I was writing a tribute piece for my blog, highlighting the best Uncle Leo moments, and I realised just how hilarious the character was, surely among the funniest of all the recurring characters.


At least Jeffery is still alive. He works for the parks department.

I didn’t realize he played so many Lesser roles.

I read in the AV club that you could tell everything about Uncle Leo by how he said “Hello.” Len Lesser was a great actor and amazingly funny; I’ll remember him for that, and lots of other people will too. RIP

Jason Alexander just posted this on his Twitter:

You know who we got here, Clive? This here’s Josey Wales.

I guess grim death finally caught up to him.

Goodbye, Uncle Leo. Goodbye.

It’s pretty amazing how good all of the minor characters on Seinfeld were. Uncle Leo, George’s Parents, Newman, etc. were just incredible and managed to capture a character perfect.

“Swarm! Swarm!!” A great character actor.