Uncle Sam Does Not Belong in Girls’ Dorms or Showers

So I happened across this letter today, regarding the College of the Ozarks suing Joe Biden over, I think, one of his executive orders:

So I read this letter expecting to find out what, exactly, Biden has done to violate the sanctity of girl’s dormitories or showers, but aside from adding “religious liberties” being added to the list, I’m still having a hard time figuring out exactly what the problem is.

Granted, I didn’t read the executive order, so the relevance of their tuition policy might be apparent upon reading that, but the only thing that seems to be apparent from this letter is that they are being required to integrate male and female dormitories…I guess?

Obviously, being a Christian school, I can understand their horror at the concept of unmarried men and women cohabitating in the same building, but there seems to be more to it than just that. Could someone help me understand what the fuss here is all about?

Here is their press release:

The relevant bit seems to be this:

Isn’t it just a transgender thing? They don’t believe people can change gender so consider someone considered to be male at birth could never be considered to be allowed in a women’s dorm.

Now imagine me speaking to them in the most condescending satirical sneer voice possible, “Like it’s any of your business in the first place how people were born you insufferable parasites”.

Ah, the old “men” in girl’s bathroom trope. Got it.

If I’m not mistaken, this legislation is a bit different. This would require even cisgender people of the opposite gender to be allowed in. It would be an “anyone uses anywhere” thing.

Not that that would be necessarily wrong (AIUI, military men and women shower in the same facilities; obviously same for astronauts too.)

The order is specifically about discrimination based on orientation and Gender Identity. So no, it doesn’t require that.

Said another way …

As Dean of the College of the Ozarks, my interpretation of my religion requires me to discriminate against transgendered people. How dare the Feds tell me to do otherwise.

But I’ll write my press release as vaguely as possible hoping to stir up images of Biden requiring ordinary young men & women to share shower facilities so I get more traction and outrage from the semi-sane.

Huh, the bit about how students work rather than pay tuition sounded like it had something relevant to the issue. I guess that was just a bit of fluff to add the element of “look at how wonderful we are” to add weight to their sense of victimhood.

“Alliance Defending Freedom is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life.” IOW, fuck those LGBTQ heathens!

I think the basis of the Fair Housing directive applying in this case is that the students are paying for their housing through their work.

My reply to the ‘I don’t want men putting on a skirt so they can spy on my daughter/wife’ is typically to explain that by pushing back on this rule, what they’re saying is that they’d prefer to have this person, a transgender male, in the bathroom with their daughter, right? Also, they don’t seem to understand, not that I’d expect them to, that a man throwing on a dress isn’t trans or gender fluid, he’s a cross dresser and even would still have to use the mens bathroom. Wearing women’s clothing and wanting to be a woman are two different things.

Of course, the few times I used that argument with the unwashed masses, many of them went straight to ‘I’ll shoot anyone that looks like that if they try to use the bathroom while my wife/daughter is in there’.
That’s the problem, they (whoever ‘they’ are) don’t want a man “pretending” to be a woman to be allowed in the women’s room. And as much as they play the ‘if you’re born m/f, you’re m/f, period’ game, they also don’t want someone that’s born a woman and now presents as a man, to be in the women’s room.
The general take away from that is, so far as they’re concerned, if you don’t look and act like the gender you were born as, you just need to stay home.

ETA, that picture is Buck Angel. There’s a good documentary on him out there somewhere, but he’s a porn start so it’s very NSFW.

@Velocity, do you want to comment?

Smells like maybe the RW media fake news machine has deliberately misrepresented the order. And the our dear naïve easily fooled @Velocity fell for it. As did the morons at the Ozark College.

Not the only one, either.

pretty much. are you surprised? The right wing media seems to be all about owning the libs these days as opposed to anything of substance.

Self-owning, more like. Their displays of outrage tend to demonstrate a tenuous grasp of reality.

The bit about how students pay their expenses by working at the college sounded awfully Marxist to me. I thought the problem was going to be some anti-Communist thing, not a bullshit trans-bashing thing.

To be fair, @Velocity may have only been going by reading the link in the OP, clarifying what they thought it was saying.

Personally, I think the press release is a deliberate fabrication. It’s been too long for them to still believe this. They knew it was just a trans thing and are trying to mislead.

Modnote: This is pretty close to an attack on Velocity. Please do not do this again.

Thank you for the correction.